BRITNEY Spears is "seeking a new lawyer" to fire dad Jamie after he was accused of using her money in her conservatorship battle.

The star's court-appointed lawyer, Samuel Ingham III, resigned from the case after she complained the conservatorship was abusive.

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He filed documents in Los Angeles superior court requesting to be dismissed from his role as soon as a new lawyer was found.

According to TMZ Britney, 39, has now been in contact with a large law firm and is hoping to hire the services of former federal prosecutor Mathew Rosengart.

Rosengart has represented a string of Hollywood stars including Ben Affleck, Steven Spielberg, Sean Penn, Eddie Vedder, Soledad O'Brien, Michael Mann and NBA star Jimmy Butler.

It comes as Britney's long-time manager also resigned on Tuesday.

In a letter published by the Hollywood news website Deadline, Larry Rudolph, who had represented the singer since early in her career, said he had been made aware she had shared her intention to "officially retire".

Britney's life and career have been overseen by her dad and others since 2008 under the complex legal arrangement of conservatorship.

Last month, she called for the arrangement to be terminated —claiming that she was forced to work and comparing it to sex trafficking.

In the legal battle that has ensued Jamie attempted to blame Britney's co-conservator Jodi Montgomery for Britney's emotional court testimony.

Hitting back, she claimed she is the only one trying to help Britney to reach her goal of freedom and getting a new care plan in place with the agreement of her doctors, to eventually dissolve the conservatorship.

She said that is "a goal that may not necessarily be shared by Mr. Spears" as she accused him of using $2million of the star's money to fund his legal battle.

In Jamie's previous filing which was also obtained by the outlet, he claimed that Montogomery or others prevented him from communicating with his daughter.

Additionally, she said it's absurd for Britney's dad to suggest she makes decisions without him, because "everything costs money," and all the expenses go through him in his role as conservator of Britney's estate.

She added that she is actively working to address concerns made by Britney during her testimony.

Montogomery said she supports the star's decision to be free of the conservatorship but wants to ensure it will be done responsibly with the input of her doctors.

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