Tough crowd!

Bruce Willis threw the ceremonial first pitch in a Philadelphia Phillies jersey on Wednesday — to mixed results — before the team played against the Milwaukee Brewers.

The Glass actor, 64, didn’t seem to mind when the baseball he threw to Phillies pitcher Aaron Nola bounced, even as the crowd booed.

A rep for the actor did not immediately respond to PEOPLE’s request for comment.

Before his big pitch, Willis took some time in batting practice against coach Dusty Wathan using a bat borrowed from Phillies outfielder Nick Williams, according to the Associated Press. 

The actor told the AP, “I just like to hit the ball. I just like the noise. I grew up with the Phillies.”

Willis spent some time getting to know the players, including Rhys Hoskins and manager, Gabe Kapler, the AP reported. Hopping on the perennially hot topic of whether Die Hard, Willis’ classic 1988 film, is a Christmas movie or not, Kapler said, “I maintain, not a Christmas movie.”

“Aren’t most Christmas movies centered around the celebration of Christmas in some way or another?” he added.

This isn’t the first time Philadelphia fans have booed at just anyone — the city is famous for having some of the nation’s toughest fans.

In one such instance, a Santa Claus was booed at and pelted with snowballs at a Philadelphia Eagles vs. Minnesota Vikings game in 1968.

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