Anyone who’s ever been to Times Square in New York City knows it’s a stressful place. It’s why New Yorkers avoid it at all costs these days. Lots of lights, sounds, and people — too many people. Add Stephen Colbert, Bryan Cranston, the entire audience of The Late Show, and a Stormtrooper to the mix and the space gets even more chaotic.

Earlier in the week, Cranston guested on The Late Show and offered to treat Colbert’s audience to a performance of his Tony-nominated Broadway show Network that same night. On Friday’s The Late Show, Colbert revealed the footage of them venturing out through the wilderness of Times Square to the Belasco Theatre where the performance was held.

Police blocked traffic as the celebs and their entourage make their way to a cheesecake shop to feed the crowd, M&M’s World to get a gigantic bag of snacks for the show, and to a costumed Stormtrooper to take a quickie photo.

The Stormtrooper usually charges $10 for pedestrians wanting a photo taken, but Cranston charges $15 for photos with him. So, in the end, the Stormtrooper owed Colbert the $5 difference… technically.

Watch the anxiety attack that is wading through the crowds of people in Times Square in the video above.

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