Carol Kirkwood goes missing as BBC report hit with series of issues Weve lost her

BBC Breakfast: Dan Walker says ‘we’ve lost Carol’

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BBC Breakfast hosts Dan Walker and Louise Minchin were forced to stall while Carol Kirkwood’s weather report suffered some technical problems on Tuesday morning. The BBC morning news show struggled with a number of issues throughout the episode as they also were missing the graphic that displays the time. But, when the presenters couldn’t pass over to Carol with the weather they had to think on their feet.

The first technical problem of the day was highlighted by Dan, as he told viewers: “We know we’re confusing quite a few people this morning because we haven’t got our BBC Breakfast clock on the screen.

“We are working on it. People furiously running around trying to find it,” he laughed.

“It’s just disappeared into the ether but it is 6:28,” Louise explained.

Later in the episode, the technical problems continued when Dan attempted to hand over to meteorologist Carol for the weather.

He said: “Shall we get the weather? Oh no we can’t get the weather, Carol’s not there at the moment.

“We’ve lost a clock, we’ve lost Carol, what’s going on this morning? It’s one of those Tuesday mornings,” Dan said.

Louise attempted to keep viewers informed while they waited for Carol’s technical problems to be fixed.

She told viewers: “I think we’ve lost Weston Super Mare as well.

“We were going to talk about that particularly actually, around the fact that there are weather warnings out there and also we’re going to be talking throughout the programme how to keep yourself safe, in the heat too,” she explained.

Dan added: “Yes, Sally was talking about the Olympics as well. We were talking about Helen Glover the other day.

“She is, I think she starts her campaign for gold on Saturday in the pairs and she has had three children since the last olympics in Rio in 2016.

“As Sal said, if you go on the iPlayer there is a fascinating documentary talking about her root to working out whether she wanted to do it, then realising she could potentially do it, and then the amount of training that has taken place to make sure that she is now getting ready to potentially win another medal at an olympic games.”

Louise said: “And that documentary is on the BBC iPlayer. So, fingers crossed we’ll get the clock back. Better news, we’ve got Carol back.”

“Yeah come on!” Dan exclaimed, with Louise adding: “Hey Carol!”

Viewers finally got to see Carol on-screen as she said: “Hopefully everything is working this time with my clicker and you won’t hear loud clicks every time I click it.

“But good morning everybody,” she said, before beginning her weather report.

Later in the episode Louise and Dan referred to the problems with the BBC Breakfast clock again.

“We’re still fiddling with the clocks here Carol. It’s taken us nearly two hours!” Louise remarked.

The presenting duo had two physical clocks on the sofa with them in the studio and encouraged viewers to let them know which they liked best.

BBC Breakfast airs weekdays at 6am on BBC One.

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