Andi Peters says he sees 'a surfer chick' in Susanna Reid

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BBC Breakfast weather presenter Carol Kirkwood was savaged by Andi Peters on Wednesday morning’s Good Morning Britain, after comparing her to host Susanna Reid. Whilst in Jersey to explain the details of the new ITV competition, Andi appeared to call Susanna a “surfer chick” – but couldn’t see it in Carol Kirkwood. 

Andi’s comment came after Susanna and co-host Alastair Campbell had held a debate on the future of the BBC.

As a result, the topic of the BBC and its programming was fresh on the GMB cast’s minds. 

Explaining the competition rules, Andi said: “It is a prize package worth over £128,000, and that could all be yours, I would love you to win this prize.

“We’ve got to keep an eye on the water, but look at Dan, look at him go, Susanna, I see a surfer in you, I see surfer chic. 

“Surfer chick, and I can assure you I don’t see that in Carol Kirkwood or anybody in the other channel,” he joked.

Susanna replied: “Only in your imagination Andi, I wouldn’t go surfing if you paid me frankly, lovely view there though.”

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Andi also caused trouble on Wednesday morning when he ran off camera after getting into a comical debate with weather reporter Laura Tobin. 

Once again explaining the competition rules, Andi told viewers that you could reach America from where he was standing. 

But back in the Studio, Laura said: “Just a note for Andi, if he sailed west, he would get to Canada and not America, just saying there were quite a few inaccuracies there.”

Surprised by the revelation, Andi exclaimed: “Really? Woah, woah, woah girlfriend, woah, woah, woah, in a straight line from exactly where I’m standing, apparently you would get to America.”

“On the same latitude? No, you wouldn’t, you’d be in Canada,” Laura snapped back, with Andi replying: “Oh no, I use line, not latitude I’m out of here.”

He then appeared to run off camera away from Laura and the debate, to which she laughed: “Okay, hopefully, I’m correct, and Andi is wrong, anyway let’s continue with the weather with many more truths and no lies.”

Taking to Twitter after the show, Laura shared an image of “The Top 4 Highest Tides on Earth” and wrote: “Morning @andipeters, I think we were both wrong (you more than me).

“The world’s largest tidal range is observed at Canada’s Bay of Fundy, Port of Avonmouth (Near Weston-Super-Mare) is 3rd.”

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Andi replied to the tweet: “I’ve said it before… you’re too clever!” 

She then tweeted another photo of a map with an arrow pointing from where Andi was standing straight across. 

The picture was captioned: “If you travel west from Jersey, you get to… @andipeters says America, I say Canada.” 

Ian McKee replied to the tweet: “I used to work for both the Jersey and Ontario tourist boards, when promoting Ontario’s Niagara wine region, we’d point out it is on the same latitude as southern France!” 

Seeing the tweet, Andi asked: “So who’s right?” alongside a laughing face emoji. 

Disappointingly, Ian revealed that it was, in fact, Laura who was right as he tweeted: “Laura, I’m afraid Andi.”

This isn’t the first time Andi has walked off camera whilst presenting the competition segment on ITV shows, as a few weeks ago, he walked off from This Morning.

After explaining the competition rules, he walked off-screen with cash down his shirt which sent Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield into hysterics.

Good Morning Britain airs weekdays at 6am on ITV. 
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