CHARLOTTE Crosby has given fans a guided tour of her incredible £1million mansion after a year of renovation work.

The reality star, 31, has poured her heart, soul and plenty of cash into the property transformation, and it's all been worth it.

The pad is the perfect blend of luxury style, practicality and fun flourishes, and Charlotte is clearly over the moon to see her vision come to life.

She even tackled troll comments head on in the 15-minute house tour, rubbishing their claims her hallway mural looks like someone has "smeared poo on the walls".

She said: "It looks nothing like that. Trolls."

When guests visit, the 'Crosby manor social club' takes centre stage.

There's a dart board, pool table and even a bar stocked with both alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks.

Charlotte said it takes her back to when she worked behind a bar, before she was made famous by Geordie Shore.

There are exercise bikes beside the huge window that looks out over the garden for when Charlotte wants to work up a sweat.

Her bedroom has a giant projector that nearly takes up an entire wall which she can watch from her circular bed.

The only room in the house yet to be finished is the indoor pool.

"You can see how basic it is now," said Charlotte. "To me, it needs changing and I'll tell you why."

The camera panned up to the ceiling, and Charlotte continued: "There's mould all up the roof. It gets really damp n here. It needs a new extractor fan because that one's broke

"When I'm done with this room you a going to feel like you're in Mykonos."

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