Her movies are gone from streaming platforms and her social media accounts have been wiped

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Chinese actress Zhao Wei has been scrubbed from the Internet in that country after being placed on blacklist of misbehaving celebrities, CNN reported Thursday.

Her movies and television programs are no longer available for streaming there and have been missing for a few weeks. Her social media accounts are gone, too. On Thursday, CNN brought wider attention to her case and the case of other allegedly misbehaving Chinese celebrities with a segment that aired on “New Day.”

“Imagine one of Hollywood’s biggest celebrities erased from the Internet in a single night. That’s basically what happened to Zhao Wei, one of China’s most successful actresses,” said the segment, noting she bought vineyards in France and acquired a stake in a large Chinese production studio.

The Chinese government has been cracking down on entertainment and Internet use in recent weeks, issuing new mandates about how often minors can access online gaming and entertainment sites.

Per CNN, this is proof there is only room for “one real star” in the country: President Xi Jinping.

Watch below, via CNN.

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