Chris Hemsworth Says Will Smith in Men in Black Inspired Him to Act: He's 'Still' My Hero

Chris Hemsworth may now be one of the Men in Black, but his initial inspiration was Will Smith.

The 35-year-old Men in Black: International actor revealed Smith, 50, was one of the reasons he took up acting after seeing him star in 1997’s Men in Black with Tommy Lee Jones.

“I was 14 when the first one came out and I just remember being swept up in the unique blend of the police, thriller, comedy with sci-fi. It was an introduction to Will Smith, the world’s biggest movie star,” Hemsworth told Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon on Wednesday night.

The actor continued, “At that time, I remember thinking, not consciously thinking I wanted to be an actor, but I wanted to inhabit those worlds and that universe those guys were creating.”

“Really? Will Smith?” Fallon, 44, asked him.

“Yeah, he was one of my biggest heroes, still is,” Hemsworth replied, adding he had met Smith at an awards show.

Hemsworth has come a long from his early years, including washing breast pumps at his first job at the age of 14, which he told Fallon.

“It was repairing them as well, occasionally,” he said. “Any pump, you know, there’s a motor with a belt, like a rubber belt for the suction.”

Hemsworth is now one of the biggest movie stars in the world in his own right, getting his big break as Thor in the 2011 film Thor, and following it up with several Marvel films including this year’s Avengers: Endgame.

He now stars as Agent H opposite Tessa Thompson in his latest film, Men in Black: International, out in theaters on Friday.

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