Watch the official Trailer for Citadel on Prime Video

Thanks to the help of Hollywood’s most influential creators the Russo Brothers, Amazon Prime Video drops its all-new spy thriller Citadel this week. 

Along with the incredible talent behind Citadel, the series also has a star-studded cast to tell its intense and unpredictable story.

This includes the likes of Richard Madden as Mason Kane, Priyanka Chopra portraying Nadia Sinh with Stanley Tucci starring as Bernard Orlick, and many more. 

The spy thriller is already an epic in the making, with multiple spin-offs across the globe planned ahead of its season one premiere on April 28.

As fans delve into the action-adventure series, stars Madden and Tucci tease what fans can expect as the series plays out. 

Speaking to Screen Rant, Madden explained what is in store for his character Mason as he drops there is an unexpected romantic element to the story. 

The star explained: “Honestly, I’m gonna give him probably far too much of a romantic answer for a spy show, but it’s love. 

“I think he’s had a huge lack of love in his life, and now he’s got a huge amount of love for the character of Nadia,” he added.

Madden then continued: “So, at the core of this huge action spy drama thriller is the most important human thing, which is love.”

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Meanwhile for Tucci’s character, Bernard, it’s the other end of the spectrum.

The actor discussed the on-screen relationship with Dahlia Archer (played by Lesley Manville)

Tucci explained: “Well, they hate each other. They’re anti-each other because they’re at different ends of the moral spectrum. 

“Whereas once they did work together, all of that fell apart. What she is attempting to do is the opposite of what Bernard is trying to do. Therefore: the chasm, he revealed. 

Amazon released the first look into Citadel via its official trailer which was released on 6 March 2023. 

The trailer begins with a narration by Madden, talking about how he has lost his memories following an accident. 

However, he stumbles across Chopra’s character, Nadia, who was working at a restaurant, and believes she has lost her memories just like him. 

The two of them team up to find the truth about what happened to them and discover they were spies for an international espionage organisation, thanks to Bernard, who tells them all about Citadel. 

Citadel is available to stream on Amazon Prime Video from April 23, 2023 in the US and UK.

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