Connor’s heartbroken ex claims ‘controlling’ lad banned her from Love Island

Love Island’s ‘controlling’ Connor is desperate for the money and banned his ex from going on the show, it is claimed.

Connor Durman’s former flame has spoken out on the contestant’s allegedly controlling ways and claimed she only found out about him cheating when he confessed on the ITV2 show.

Stevie-Leigh Pich, 22, told the Sun she was approached for Love Island last year but was told by Connor she’d “never get on it” and I never expected him to apply for it.

The make-up artist said: “It’s mad seeing him on TV because I keep thinking ‘that’s my Connor’ even though he’s not anymore.

“He was my best mate and from what friends have said it doesn’t sound like he’s the boy I fell in love with.”

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Stevie-Leigh said she was heartbroken to find out her ex had cheated on her from his bragging pre show interview.

In the press pack Connor said: “I’ve actually already had the best date. When I was in Sydney, I met this girl on Instagram and messaged her because we had mutual friends.

"I booked this cinema in the park with a double bed, bottle of champagne and we watched A Star Is Born-best first date ever.”

Stevie-Leigh said Connor, from Worthing, used to work seven days a week to bring in cash, and when they lied together in Australia he would work very day, getting up at 5am to make sure he was bringing in as much cash as possible.

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But it seems Connor may have been doing a little more than working.

A heartbroken Stevie-Leigh said she never thought he had cheated on her but from his interview and bragging on the show, it appears he did.

Devastated, she said: “It’s such a massive shock. He told me he was going to see A Star is Born with two male friends – I had no reason to suspect him.

“To find out like that it was another girl is awful. He seems to be saying all sorts.

"I didn’t know he had slept with 100 girls.

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“When he boasted about having a threesome on the first date I just felt sick.”

Connor has received a host of complaints from fans over his “obsessive” and “controlling” behaviour with Sophie Piper.

The pair have been coupled up since Sunday, but on Wednesday the duo had a heated discussion after Connor got funny with Sophie over her “celebratory” reaction to the news two new male bombshells were heading into the villa.

It’s not the first time Connor has had words with Sophie because, during the very first episode, the 25-year-old accused the medical PA of ‘digging him out’ in front of the other islanders.

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