A WEATHERFIELD pregnancy riddle has led to Summer Spellman's secret being exposed.

But the storyline is already rubbing up Coronation Street viewers the wrong way as the teen was offered money for her baby.

Chesney Brown was shocked to find a positive pregnancy test in a jacket his partner Gemma Winter had bought at a charity sale.

But while he was relieved to find out the test wasn't hers, the barmaid was determined to know who it really belonged to.

Carla Connor and Daisy Midgeley were the first to come under scrutiny but it wasn't until Paul Foreman recognised the jacket as Summer's that the truth was exposed.

On Friday's trip to the cobbles, the teen, portrayed by Harriet Bibby, appeared ill during a meal with two of Billy Mayhew's parishioners – Esther, who viewers recognised as former Waterloo Road star Vanessa Hehir, and Mike.

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In later scenes, newcomer Esther approached Summer and spoke about her struggle to conceive – before offering her to take her baby off her hands.

Mike then joined in, adding they would happily give Summer a whopping amount of money if she became their surrogate.

Shocked fans swarmed over to Twitter, warning Corrie bosses that the "creepy" storyline will put them off the soap.

One of them penned: "Anyone else finding this baby buying storyline creepy?!" while another agreed: "I hope Summer doesn't give her baby away to that couple. They are so creepy."

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"This creepy couple wanting to 'buy' Summers baby us REALLY disturbing, if we're doing down a dark rabbit hole with this storyline I'm switching off!", one viewer fumed.

"Sweet Jesus!!! She only found out yesterday!!! Billy just found out moments before (great guess by the way- 16 and nauseous- must be pregnant) and now these random people offer to buy her baby from her in the park!! Like for crying out loud- so ridiculous!!!!", another echoed.

One soap fan commented: "Hasn't she just peed on a stick and now this wow bit fast!" as another wrote: "Why does Corrie have to make yet another couple with fertility issues look so desperate. It's ludicrous."

Summer discussed the idea of becoming the couple's surrogate with her boyfriend Aaron, with whom she had just worked things out after he had been warned off by Paul.

Aaron thought of Summer going through with the pregnancy and them raising their child together.


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Eventually, however, Summer made a huge decision for her future, announcing she intended to get an abortion.

The 18-year-old broke the news to Paul once he confronted her, admitting she was pregnant with Aaron Sandford's child.

Prior to this, the young lovebirds went through a rough patch as Aaron was pushed away from Summer by her father figure Paul who believed he was only bringing her trouble.

Summer's plans of going to Oxford university have already been turned on their head after she cheated during her exams.

How will she cope with her surprise pregnancy?

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Will she really go through with the abortion?

Coronation Street airs Monday, Wednesday and Friday on ITV.

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