Coronation Street: Stephen lunges at Leo after being confronted

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Coronation Street fans have flocked to social media to speculate on the next victim of Stephen Reid (played by Todd Joyce). They believe his new relationship with Elaine Jones (Paula Wilcox) is set for an unhappy ending for the generous neighbour. Viewers of the ITV soap believe she will be added to his hit list after already killing once before.

Stephen has recently allayed some of his financial struggles after sparking up a connection with Elaine.

She has incredibly given the devious killer part of the profits from selling her home and her welfare is now under intense speculation with concerned viewers on social media.

Simon C tweeted: “Something tells me Elaine is going to be Stephen’s next victim in #Corrie

VampLover27 added: “But the question is will Stephen have his wicked way with Elaine before he kills her off for her money.”

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Mike Pristley wrote: “How long before we see Elaine stuffed into a bin by Stephen?”

Dorreen Morfitt speculated: “Is Stephen going to strangle Elaine with his sling? Or chuck her in a wheelie bin? Or shove her in the canal?”

Jason Debenham remarked: “Elaine flashing the cash to Stephen after only talking to him for a few days #Corrie.”

ChippyTea fumed: “Elaine speaks to Stephen for about 2 days and gives him £12k?! Has she learned nothing from Geoff?”

Stephen is appearing to move on to his next mission, after already conning his own mother Audrey Roberts (Sue Nicholls).

Elaine was the first person to comfort Stephen after his moped crash last week.

Stephen has already murdered Leo Thompkins (Joe Frost) during an altercation which ended up leaving the young man in a bin.

Leo confronted Stephen about his scheming ways, but as the pair argued he was shoved off the scaffolding, banging his head before landing on top of the rubbish.

Stephen has so far gotten away with his actions, but David Platt actor Jack P Shepherd has voiced his concerns over the killer’s next steps.

He exclusively opened up to and the press about the future of the Platt family.

Jack said: “We don’t and that is the way that we want it because we don’t want to die.

“Everybody else can find out, they end up in the bins, but not as we are oblivious to it all until he gets arrested and we go ‘Stephen we never knew!’

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