Michelle Connor (played by Kym Marsh) was horrified when she discovered Ray (Mark Frost) was the secret buyer of the Bistro before she left Coronation Street. She trashed the restaurant but now Ray has everything in order and ready for business. But it seems he won’t get along with Bethany when she learns he sexual harassed Michelle.

Last year, Michelle caught the attention of Ray and he made a move on the Bistro worker by placing his hand on her thigh while he wore nothing more than a robe.

He insisted he wasn’t making a move on her and simply wanted to talk about franchising his business.

But Michelle wasn’t impressed and rejected his advances before he dropped his plans to work with her.

He then revealed his plans to take revenge as he secretly bought the Bistro from her.


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Ray has slowly been worming his way into the community by taking an interest in Abi Franklin.

But in coming episodes, he starts to compliment Bethany on her work and how she deals with tricky staff issues.

Bethany sucks up to Ray hoping he will notice her potential unaware of how sleazy he really is.

Unfortunately, she gets a shock when Ray turns his attention Alya Nazir (Sair Khan) offering her the manager role.

Bethany is devastated but Ray tells her she can have the head waitress role as Alya has more managerial experience.

Hurt, Bethany confides in Carla revealing she wanted to progress.

But she isn’t prepared for what Carla tells her next – Ray tried it on with Michelle.

Carla also reveals she had to sign a gagging order so Ray’s sleazy behaviour wasn’t exposed.

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Bethany rushes to tell Alya looking out for her but the new manager doesn’t want to hear it.

Instead she jumps to Ray’s defence and tells Bethany to remember her place.

Feeling disheartened Bethany confides in close friend Daniel Osbourne (Rob Mallard) explaining she doesn’t know what to do.

Daniel encourages Bethany not to settle and suggests she should even leave Weatherfield.


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Later, he tells her to apply for a creative writing course so she can chase her dreams.

Bethany and Daniel have come close in the past, would she really leave him behind?

Perhaps Ray’s sleazy behaviour and Daniel’s encouragement will push Bethany to finally do something she wants.

Coronation Street continues Friday on ITV at 7.30pm.

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