Corrie: Ken Barlow visits Norris in a retirement home

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Ken (played by William Roache) has already been the centre of a long-lost child storyline on Coronation Street, with the iconic character tracking down his son Lawrence Cunningham (Linus Roache) 49 years after the child was born. The ITV soap stalwart hasn’t kept in touch with his eldest but he could be given another chance to be a father if it is revealed Wendy (Roberta Kerr) had a baby following her affair with Ken. A secret child has never been mentioned, despite the numerous times she has been on the cobbles, but it seems she could have dropped a hint about it in Monday’s episode.

Having returned to Weatherfield with Abi Franklin (Sally Carman), who she is living with as part of a foster care plan, Wendy was unsettled to be in such close proximity to Ken and the Barlows.

It has been 10 years since she last featured in an episode of the weeknight serial drama and she wasn’t sure how her comeback would be taken.

Abi had no idea Wendy had a link to the cobbles, happily going about her day as she wheeled baby Alfie around to see where he could live when he’s older.

Unfortunately, despite Wendy making every attempt to stay out of the way, she ended up bumping into Tracy Barlow (Kate Ford).

This was the first time Abi realised Wendy wasn’t telling her everything about herself and they soon darted back home.

When baby Alfie had been settled, Abi began to quiz Wendy about why Tracy was so angry to see her and why she hadn’t said anything about Coronation Street.

“Look, I know you said you didn’t want to talk about what happened with Tracy but you can’t just tell me that was a misunderstanding,” Abi remarked.

Reluctantly, Wendy replied: “If you must know, Ken and I have a bit of history and things didn’t end that well.”

“I see, so how come this is the first time I’m hearing about this?” Abi asked the person she had entrusted the care of her child to.

“Because it’s private,” Wendy snapped back, before adding: “And I assumed it was all water under the bridge but obviously not for Tracy.”

Not the only one with a few skeletons

Wendy Crozier

Still intrigued, Abi continued as she said: “Is that all there is to it? Because if I’m going to have to mud wrestle Tracy in the street, I’d at least like to know what I’m fighting about.”

Wendy replied: “Even if there was, it’s not my style to kiss and tell.”

“No, no, no, if you’ve got dirt on Ken Barlow, I want to hear it,” the mechanic commented, desperate to know the truth.

Remaining reluctant to tell Abi too much, Wendy said: “Let’s put it this way, you’re not the only one with a few skeletons in the cupboard.”

“Blimey, how bad are we talking?” Abi inquired, to which Wendy told her she wasn’t going to say anything else on the matter.

Viewers who have watched the classic episodes of the weeknight serial drama know Wendy was the reason Ken and Deidre Barlow (Anne Kirkbride) got a divorce.

Ken had an affair behind his wife’s back and the pair did eventually move in together when Deidre threw him out.

This only lasted for a short period of time as Ken became unemployed and depressed, telling his mistress he should have never left his wife for her.

They wouldn’t see each other again until 2012 but it could have been when he left her back in 1991, Wendy was pregnant.

With no one to help her raise the child, Wendy could have decided to put the child up for adoption, knowing another family could give it the future it deserved.

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This is why she would have ended up becoming a foster parent as she would have been able to be a mother figure to other children, longing to be one to the child she gave away.

When she comes face to face with Ken eventually, she could tell him about what she did with his baby and how she is going to search for them.

Although Ken would be shocked to learn he had fathered yet another child, he could agree he wants to meet them and find out about their life.

As the new storyline sees Ken and Wendy become closer, they could eventually track down the baby they never got to know.

However, will it be a happy reunion or will their long-lost child decide they want nothing to do with their birth parents?

The actress who plays Wendy, Roberta, has spoken about returning to the show 10 years after she was last on it and what drama lies ahead for her alter-ego.

Asked how Wendy feels to be reunited with the Barlow family, Roberta explained: “Oh God, [she is] absolutely [nervous].

“Once Wendy realises where Abi lives, that’s a real issue for her.

“She’s even wondering if that’ll be ok. It’s a tricky one because it was so awkward the way her relationship with Ken ended before.”

Will Ken believe he has another child out there in the world or will he dismiss what he believes to be Wendy spinning more lies?

Coronation Street airs Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 8pm on ITV.

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