Coronation Street: Tim has open heart surgery

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Tim (played by Joe Duttine) and his wife Sally (Sally Dynevor) haven’t had any time to themselves since his surgery. When they finally received some alone time, Tim was unable to perform due to side effects from his operation. He also recently ran away from his check-up and lied to his wife, explaining that the doctors said there was nothing to worry about. Avoiding the doctors may have been a huge risk for Tim, as in upcoming scenes he collapses in front of Sally, leaving her worried sick.

Official soap spoilers reveal Tim buys some tickets from Debbie Webster (Sue Devany) for the charity raffle in memory of Oliver Battersby (Emmanuel & Jeremiah Cheetham).

From the raffle, he wins a romantic night for two in her hotel, with Sally getting excited that the pair will get some alone time.

As Sally packs their bags, Tim orders some erectile dysfunction tablets to ensure their previous incident doesn’t happen again and ignores the warning about heart conditions.

At the hotel, Tim and Sally kiss passionately, but his heart starts to pound, and he becomes short of breath.

Knowing he needs help, Tim confesses to Sally that he’s taken an erectile dysfunction tablet and collapses on the bed.

Horrified and worried for her husband, Sally calls an ambulance, but is there more wrong with Tim than they realise?

If Sally finds out that he has been skipping his checkups, will she think there is something severely wrong he is hiding from her?

Later, Steve McDonald (Simon Gregson) shows Tim and Dev Alahan (Jimmi Harkishin) his new doorbell camera app as Sally and Ronnie Bailey (Vinta Morgan) pass by No.1.

Tim overhears Ronnie telling Sally that he’s sorry her romantic getaway was such a flop and leaps to the wrong conclusion.

Angry, Tim punches Ronnie in the face, leaving Sally shocked at his outburst.

Speaking about the lengthy actions Tim is taking to keep his secrets from Sally, actor Joe Duttine revealed there is a lot more to come for the couple.

When asked why Tim buys the tablets and ignores the warning signs, Joe commented: “Apart from the obvious, Tim feels like going to the doctor and being prescribed viagra is far too embarrassing and humiliating for him.

“Sally and Tim are very sexually active, so he feels a certain pressure from the relationship, but he feels like he can deal with this problem on his own.

“Tim hovers over the caption that warns about heart conditions, so he is aware of the dangers but skips over it.”

Speaking about how his lies will affect Tim and Sally’s relationship, Joe expressed: “Tim is incredibly anxious, and it begins to put their marriage on tenterhooks.

“I didn’t think it would spell the end of Tim and Sally because I think they would be crazy to split them up, but I think it’s a good way to challenge their relationship and create drama and conflict between the two of them without anyone having an affair.

“It’s a great idea to see how their relationship works through something so intimate and personal as this, considering how sexually active they are.”

Will Tim’s lies be the final thing to push Sally away from their marriage?

Joe also spoke about the rivalry between Tim and Ronnie and fumed: “Tim is full of rage! His first thoughts are, ‘How dare Sally betray me in front of someone that I don’t know?’

“He thinks that Sally has shared his secret with another man, and that has made him feel incredibly emasculated.

“He also thinks that Ronnie is trying to get off with his wife, so he is feeling jealousy, rage, embarrassment and humiliation.”

Coronation Street airs Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 8pm on ITV.

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