Coronation Street villain Callum Logan could still be alive, as fans think they've rumbled a major ITV soap twist.

Callum was seemingly killed off the soap by his ex Kylie Platt in 2015 when he attempted to rape Sarah Platt, with the family subsequently burying his body underneath the house's annex.

His son Harry was born months after his death, after drug dealer Callum used his other son Max as a pawn in a chilling game against the Platts.

And it looked like their world could come crumbling down in 2016, when the manhole covering the body collapsed – but the murder was ultimately blamed on Jason Grimshaw's late dad Tony.

But fans are now sure that Callum could still be alive in a major twist.

It would be a stretch, but could be possible if Kylie hadn't quite finished the job when clobbering him over the head. If Callum somehow escaped from under the floorboards, it would give him chance to replace the body with another – leaving that to be discovered.

Taking to Reddit, a gang of eagle-eyed fans penned their own theories, with one social media user suggesting: "Will they ever re-visit the Callum Storyline?

"My favourite FAVOURITE storyline of a generation! Do you think they would re-visit? Maybe Harry/Max grows up to want to find out what happened to their Dad? Maybe it comes back to haunt Sarah in some way? Maybe he NEVER DIED?"

Another pointed out that it's likely they would have to re-cast Callum, as actor Sean Ward has since come under fire for his anti-vaxx views.

They said: "Well if he was alive they’d have to re-cast him because the actor went off the deep end."

While another agreed: "They’d have to find a new actor though, the old one's took a bit of an odd turn in his life."

Sean was led away in handcuffs by police last year after attending an anti-vaccination protest in London, part of a mob who attempted to break through the doors of the Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) headquarters.

And since then, he claimed he is "homeless" after "work dried up" due to the views.

He was said to be sleeping on a mattress in a friend’s spare room – despite once earning up to £100,000 per year.

The actor also revealed he could no longer afford to run his Honda Civic, which was seized by the DVLA for not being taxed.

Not everyone expected Callum to be back, though, as someone else argued: "I reckon he will probably get mentioned as the boys grow up but I can’t imagine there will ever be an actual storyline about him again as he’s… dead…

"So there wouldn’t really be a lot of point bringing him back up again, especially seeing as Kylie is the one who killed him and she’s also dead."

As a fifth agreed: "He died, was buried in the foundations of David and Gail's annex and his decomposed corpse was dug up, there's no way they could bring the character back!"

Coronation Street airs Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays from 8pm on ITV.

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