Coronation Street's Leanne Battersby will prostitute herself to pay off drug lord Harvey, say fans

CORONATION Street fans are convinced Leanne Battersby will return to prostitution to pay drug dealer Harvey off.

The grieving mum – who is played by actress Jane Danson in the ITV soap – is going to be forced to pay Simon's £2,000 drugs debts to evil Harvey.

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King pin Harvey – who is played by actor Will Mellor in the ITV soap – turned up on the cobbles on Friday to find Simon after putting Jacob in hospital.

It terrified the lad as Harvey insisted he owed him thousands – and Simon finally opened up properly to mum Leanne.

After deciding to go to the police, Simon got the news of Kelly’s overdose and realised he faced much more trouble.

Leanne told him: “If we go to the police and explain the situation then they’ll realise the pressure you’ve been under.”

And when Harvey called Simon, he panicked and planned to flee – but Leanne hatched a plan to take on Harvey herself.

“Call him back – I’ve got an idea,” she said as Simon arranged a meeting for tomorrow.

She added: I’ll go instead. I’m not going to tell him off – I’m going to pay him off. 

“Don’t worry we’ll find the money somehow.

“This is my fault – I let you get involved with these people. 

“And I let this happen because I was too wrapped up in my own grief to notice. Well not anymore Si. 

“I’m going to star behaving like your mum and we’re going to sort this out.”

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However with Leanne still fragile, fans think she will go "back on the game" to pay him off.

One wrote: "Leanne’s gonna go on the game again."

A second said: "Actually I would love to see Leanne tell off Harvey – 'Now listen here Harvey, stop being a naughty boy selling nasty drugs or I will make you stand in the corner'."

Another added: "Leanne will sort this. What could possibly Go Wrong??"

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