Coronation Street fans think they’ve discovered a secret link between Nicky Wheatley and Max Turner’s fling – Sonya – in what could turn out to be a shocking twist.

Max has recently been caught up in a revenge porn drama after he sent a nude pic to ‘Sonya’, with it soon being revealed that he hadn’t sent it to her at all and was being catfished instead.

Although Max’s pals from the pupil referral unit are thought to be behind it, some fans think the storyline could be leading to a twist, with Sonya in on the plot too.

Some viewers believe they’ve exposed the teen as Nicky’s daughter Maisie undercover for her mum – or another daughter entirely.

Nicky was previously left devastated when Max exposed her sex worker past at the school she was working at, with some fans thinking her daughter could be out for revenge.

Taking to Facebook, one fan pointed out: “Just a theory, probably a wrong one but could Sonya be Nicky’s daughter Maisie using a different name, out for revenge against Max for what he did to her mother?”

As another suggested: “She is mixed up with his two mates – all in it together!”

“Maybe a daughter from her younger days,” someone else agreed, though another said: “Could be her sister!”

Someone else had a different theory altogether, saying Nicky could be the one sending texts pretending to be Sonya, and using the lads as a cover-up.

One fan wrote: “Seriously though – maybe Sonya is Nicky. She’d have a motive, since Max cost her the school job, however she seems nicer than that.”

Others quickly pointed out that Maisie has been seen on screen and confirmed to be a young girl, although that still doesn’t eliminate the possibility that Nicky has more than one daughter.

One fan wrote in response: “Nicky’s daughter is a child, not a teenager. We saw her when she moved in with Daniel.”

“It seemed that Sonya had no idea. Pretty sure it was just the two lads,” another fan added. “Hopefully Sonya and Max will become a couple anyway.”

Previously, fans were waiting to see what Max would do after he thought his friends had catfished him into sending a nude selfie.

During Monday's hour-long instalment of the ITV soap, viewers watched as Max prepared for his date with Sonya.

However, the mood soon changed when the character received a text from her, asking him to send her a picture of the "whole package" so she could see what to expect.

A shocked Max decided to play ball and was later seen unbuttoning his shirt.

Later, as the couple sat down for their dinner a confused Sonya insisted she had never sent a text to Max, nor received any back from him.

Max soon realised that someone had set him up and moments later he received a messaged demanding £1,000 or the photo would go viral.

The storyline progressed into Wednesday's episode which sawmany Corrie fans proven right when it was revealed to be the group of friendsMax was seen chatting to.

One person tweeted: "I could be wrong but I have a nasty feeling Max's new bezzie mates will turn out to be his blackmailers. Dunno why, just a gut feeling."

They revealed themselves by nastily quoting his text messages which sparked a fight between Max and his friends.

As the three boys edged closer for a punch-in, Shona tried to intervene and ended up being whacked in the face.

But given troubled teen Max’s history on the soap, many believed he could be the one to have the last laugh in the situation.

Taking to Twitter, one fan wrote: "Oh dear… Max is gonna become a psycho now!"

Another predicted it could become more serious, saying: "Yeah, Max is going to kill them at some point."

Coronation Street airs Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays from 8pm on ITV.


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