Geoff is disappointed when Yasmeen doesn’t want to be a part of his ‘lady in the box’ talent show routine as she is working but Emma steps forward and tells him that she would love to be his assistant.

Roy returns and is horrified to find that Carla is missing. He heads to her hotel room and is concerned that her kidney medication has been left behind. As Roy pledges never to forgive himself for kicking her out, he comes back and is shocked to find her waiting for him.

Steve is losing out big time due to a rival cab firm while Seb tracks Alina down but she is intimidated by her new boss Rachel.

Monday 13th May Part Two

Roy is horrified at the state that Carla is in and she explains to him that everyone is out to get her and she is convinced that Rana is alive and Kate is hiding her. When she then starts asking after Aidan, Roy has a tough decision to make.

Steve is forced to admit to Tracy that they’re skint and so she insists he makes some cutbacks while Alina meets up with Seb but has to hurry away. At the talent contest it becomes a close thing between Kirk and Geoff.

Wednesday 15th May Part One

Tim introduces Steve to a computer expert who can develop them an app to rival GoLucky but when Steve hears the cost, he is unsure what Tracy will say as it’s for the deposit of their new house.

Alina turns up and suggests she and Seb spend the day together while Carla freaks out in hospital and she only wants to see Peter but Ken refuses to get him involved. Kirk meets a talent scout but Beth realises she is after a comedy act while Natalie demands training from David.

Wednesday 15th May Part Two

Seb refuses to introduce Abi to Alina as she is ashamed of his mum. Later, Seb takes Alina home and suggests she stays the night but she has to dash out and sort some things out before later returning and spending the night with him.

Peter tells Carla that he is moving Carla in but when Ken refuses, he is furious to learn Roy has let them stay in his flat. Tracy encourages Steve to go out and do some illegal street pick ups. Natalie makes digs at Nick about his dodgy dealings and Kirk makes a decision about the talent scout.

Friday 17th May Part One

Shona feels jealous when she walks in on David tutoring Natalie in cutting hair. But is she right to be worried as Natalie flirts. Meanwhile, Nick is confronted with more questions from the police about the roof collapse.

Steve picks up a fare but when they arrive at a garage, the situation becomes an armed robbery. Carla accepts the situation when Peter tells her they will be living with Roy while Rachel is angry with Alina for being late back to work. Adam arrives back and apologises to Imran.

Friday 17th May Part Two

Steve is desperate to escape from the armed robber and pleads for mercy, showing him pictures of the kids but the situation escalates. Carla doesn’t want Roy around so Ken allows him to stay at number one.

Nick asks Paula for legal advice as the police do some more digging while Seb tells a grateful Alina that he will protect her from the bad treatment of Rachel.

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