Coronation Street star Charlotte Jordan shared her four-word response to her character Daisy Midgely’s upcoming acid attack story.

In upcoming episodes, the bride-to-be's chilling stalker storyline is set to escalate into a horrific Katie Piper-inspired acid attack as the brunette beauty prepares to walk down the aisle to her fiancé Daniel Osbourne.

ITV soap bosses teamed up with The Katie Piper Foundation and Acid Survivors Trust International to tell the story so they could “highlight the devastating impact and long-lasting effects of such heinous attacks".

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Now, in an interview with Daily Star and other publications, the fan-favourite actress has shared her reaction to the twisted storyline set to rock the Cobbles.

The 27-year-old actress confessed: “When I was first told about this storyline I thought a word I cannot say on camera: ‘Eff me that’s dark!’.

“I really didn’t see that coming, it’s not something you see a lot on television so I was really caught by surprise by it.

“There is a fear lurking in the back of Daisy’s mind since Justin was released on bail. She has always been thinking, ‘Will Justin retaliate in some way?’

“Seeing him again after he has been warned multiple times by officials to stay away from her, she is certainly scared of how he is going to react. I don’t think Daisy really thought about how obsessed Justin was going to become.”

Mum-of-two Katie Piper was just 24 when she was attacked with acid by an accomplice of her ex-boyfriend, causing permanent damage to her face and blindness in one eye before she underwent pioneering surgery to restore her face and vision.

Corrie’s horrific attack scene comes weeks of tension building over Daisy’s ongoing stalking nightmare with Justin (played by Andrew Still).

The barmaid has been hounded by the Irish newcomer since he became fixated on her after a chance meeting at hospital during her cancer scare.

He then started by sending flowers and chocolates, but it soon developed into bombarding her with texts, cyberstalking her and turning up at a wedding fair she was attending.

Now, ITV bosses have warned that the show is about to get even more intense ahead of the horrifying acid scenes yet to come.

When asked how she relax while playing such a dark role on the show, the star confessed she has been treating herself to cheeky snacks and throwing dance parties to help compartmentalise her role on the show.

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She continued: “I personally, have to go the other way. I have to go contrasting with it and snap out and be happy and talk about other things otherwise it just gets really draining at home where it shouldn’t be.

“I think you should be able to leave it all at the door and go about your business when you leave work, so I like to try and play some happy music, have some nice snacks, have a nice time and talk about the dog and then do the work.”

In 2021, there were 420 reported acid attacks in the UK, but numbers are feared to be far higher.

Coronation Street airs Monday, Wednesday and Friday on ITV1 and ITVX.


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