Counting On star Jinger Duggar has made no secret of her love for coffee, often posting to Instagram about her love of a good cup of joe. But her obsession seems to have reached a new level since she relocated to the Los Angeles area earlier this summer. She and her husband Jeremey Vuolo have made a hobby of visiting some of the hottest coffee shops in their adopted hometown, which has some fans wondering if their coffee addiction is spiraling out of control. 

Jinger Duggar’s L.A. food crawl

Recently, Jinger and Jeremy embarked on an L.A. food crawl that included stops at multiple coffee shops. After breakfast at Eat Noho, the couple visited Dayglow Coffee, which has locations in West Hollywood and the city’s hip Silver Lake neighborhood. Then, following lunch at Bel Campo Meat Co, the pair and their friends hit up Carrera Cafe, a trendy spot that will print your photo in latte foam, a service Jinger and Jeremy took advantage of (Los Angeles Magazine explains how it works.)  

The Counting On couple have also checked in at Verve Coffee Roasters, Intelligentsia Coffee, Board House Coffee, Maru Coffee, and Bluestone Lane, an Australian-inspired coffee chain with locations across the U.S.  

Is Jinger and Jeremy’s coffee obsession out of control? 

Jinger and Jeremy are clearly enjoying exploring their new city and its many coffee shops. And many of their followers on social media seem to love following their new adventures, with some even chiming in with recommendations of places to check out. But some fans are wondering if their java obsession is getting to be a bit much. 

Some wondered how the Vuolos could afford their coffee habit. “I cannot understand how you can afford to live it like you do? …  I would love to be able to buy a coffee!” someone who identified themselves as a single parent commented on one of Jeremy’s recent posts. 

“[W]ith what they charge to say hello to people on Cameo, it’s more than enough to buy coffee for a couple of months,” one person replied. 

“Maybe you should get a job instead of running around LA all day drinking 20 cups of coffee and posting pics each time. Is this a sad attempt to try and get your own tv show?” another person wondered. 

“How do you afford all the coffee places and restaurants,” another person asked. 

“You guys drink too much coffee,” commented another. 

Other followers simply wondered how the couple was able to sleep at night after consuming so much caffeine. 

Jinger and Jeremy are definite foodies

Though some people think Jinger and Jeremy should stop spending so much time (and money) on coffee, others love their food-related posts. Some have even urged the couple to start a foodie Instagram. 

“I live nowhere near CA, but PLEASE start a food IG. It would be great to see more of this side of both of you. Plus, how fun would it be?!?” one person wrote. The idea isn’t too far-fetched. Jeremy has already joked about becoming a foodie Instagrammer and has even started hanging out with a few local foodies. 

“You and Jinger should have a show where all y’all do is try & taste delicious new foods!!” one fan wrote. With more and more fans thinking the couple deserve their own Counting On spinoff, maybe TLC is listening? 

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