Noah Dingle (Jack Downham) continued to stalk Chloe Harris (Jessie Elland) in Emmerdale tonight – by breaking into her room and planting a small microphone.

Recently, Noah has attempted to impress Chloe in the hope of getting back with her.

He hasn’t been successful, as Chloe has had her eyes on Nate (Jurell Carter) – much to Noah’s annoyance.

Already watching Chloe via a tracker on his phone, Noah’s anger grew tonight when he spotted his ex and Jacob (Joe-Warren Plant) sharing a laugh outside the café.

Stealing her house keys, Noah entered Chloe’s bedroom and enjoyed every single minute, creepily looking at everything in the room.

When Chloe entered, Noah was forced to hide in the wardrobe.

Soon enough, Chloe left again, failing to spot Noah.

Feeling smug, Noah then planted a small microphone and later, he started listening in on Chloe and Kerry’s (Laura Norton) conversation.

In another dark step for Noah, Jack Downham recently told us his character has no idea his behaviour is wrong:

’When I’ve been researching, a lot of stalkers in real life don’t realise they’re behaving incorrectly,’ he said, and it’s this angle that he’s playing in these scenes with Chloe.

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