Damon Hay (Ciaran Griffiths) is back in Coronation Street after Nick Tilsley (Ben Price) had him arrested.

The villain was put behind bars after Jacob (Jack James Ryan) told Nick that his dad was dealing drugs through the Bistro deliveries.

Determined not to let a relation of Harvey Gaskell’s (Will Mellor) ruin his family’s life, Nick called the cops and had Damon sent away.

However, now he’s back, the dynamic between these two characters has shifted dramatically.

Coming up, Nick is horrified to find Damon sitting at his desk in the office, where he menacingly reminds Nick that he still has a financial interest in the business and has even hired a new solicitor to help him out.

The new solicitor? Adam Barlow (Sam Robertson), who’s only debating whether or not to take on Damon because the business is struggling and he’s absolutely loaded.

Later on, Dee-Dee (Channique Sterling-Brown) warns Damon that he’s unlikely to walk free as whoever stitched him up knew what they were doing.

No doubt assuming that person to be Nick, Damon then corners him in the Bistro office and closes the door behind him.

But what’s next?

Harvey may be behind bars, but is Damon even worse than his brother?

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