Daniel Craig’s take on James Bond is now forever set in stone.

After the final installment of Craig’s turn as Bond, the Faroe Islands commissioned a custom grave to honor the filming location of “No Time to Die.” The island of Kalsoy served as the villain’s lair for Bond’s nemesis Lyutsifer Safin (Rami Malek), who ultimately kills the famed MI6 agent.

The grave is positioned near the Kallur lighthouse on the island and reads, “In Memory of James Bond, 1962–2021,” as reported by the official Guide to the Faroe Islands page.

“Local villagers have taken it upon themselves to erect a tombstone in memory of the renowned spy,” the statement reads. “Made from Faroese basalt, the gravestone has been cut by an acclaimed stonemason in the village of Skopun. It has then been transported to the exact location on Kalsoy, where Bond meets his fate in ‘No Time to Die.’”

The Prime Minister unveiled the statue March 23. The design of the grave matches Bond’s parents’ tombs in “Skyfall,” and a special quote previously read by M (Ralph Fiennes) in “No Time to Die” is included on the grave: “The proper function of man is to live, not to exist.”

James Bond creator Ian Fleming used the quote, originally by novelist Jack London, in the book “You Only Live Once” as part of an obituary for Bond when he was presumed dead.

Actor Craig took over the role of Bond in 2006 with the release of “Casino Royale.” He subsequently portrayed the famed spy in “Quantum of Solace,” “Skyfall,” and “Spectre” before parting ways with the franchise in 2021’s “No Time to Die.”

Fans can now book a tour through the Guide to Faroe Islands website for a special James Bond Sightseeing excursion, which includes stops in Borðoy island, Kalsoy island, and crossing the Kalsoyarfjørður strait. The “No Time to Die” filming locations tour will culminate in the village of Trøllanes, where the James Bond crew shot on Kalsoy island.

The James Bond film set found themselves in this far-flung corner of the world and now it is your turn to experience the wilderness and the spectacular landscapes,” the promotion states. “You will feel like you are in the scenes from the movie.” 

Star Craig previously told IndieWire that the “only ambition” he ever had with the franchise was to “leave it in a good place.”

Now, audiences can visit Bond’s final resting place. Check out the video below.

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