DANNIELLA Westbrook has continued her recovery from major facial surgery by sunbathing beside a swimming pool in an orange bikini.

The EastEnders icon, 49, still had a bandage wrapped around her head and gauze across her nose as she caught the rays on a sun lounger in Turkey.

Danniella appeared to be healing nicely after the life-changing procedure to rebuild her face.

She even felt comfortable enough to cool off and go for a dip after stretching poolside.

The TV star's septum famously collapsed due to sustained drug use at the height of her fame. She also has osteoporosis which has damaged bones in her cheeks and led to problems with her gums.

Earlier this month Danniella confessed she thought she’d die during her surgery to right the damage done by her infamous cocaine addiction.


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She shared the first look at her new face – as well as her gruesome surgery photos – exclusively with The Sun and said: “I was very fearful. My mum and my son Kai were on the phone constantly – I wrote up a will before I left and my son is the executor of that.

“But luckily I’m still here and I’ve come through the other side. Someone is looking over me.

"For the facial reconstruction I had a surgical thread lift where they put 1,200 threads into my face. Then I had liposuction to remove fat from my body and into my cheeks and lips and to make my face more symmetrical. They also used it to align my nose. I had fat grafting on my chin and my jawline etched."

Unsurprisingly after such invasive surgery – which is her fifth facial operation – Danniella was in terrible pain and left shocked by her appearance when she came round from the anaesthetic. 

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“I looked like I’d gone 10 rounds with Tyson Fury,” she said. “But the swelling has actually gone down really quickly. I’m already happy with the results.” 

Because of her previous struggles with addiction, Danniella has been forced to take the bare minimum when it comes to pain relief following the operation. 

She said: “I literally take my antibiotic, ibuprofen and paracetamol – everything else I have is holistic. I use cream and arnica tablets. I can’t risk having anything with codeine in it because it’s cocaine based.” 

While Danniella is reluctant to reveal just how much her surgery cost, she insists it wasn't a freebie. 

“I had at least 200 surgeons from all over the world – Turkey, India, California – offering to do the surgery for free,” she said. “But it was important for me to find the right person and I paid for it all myself. This isn’t about Instagram posts, this is my life. I’ve had a lot done for free before and it’s gone wrong.”

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