DAWN O'Porter has revealed she dabbled in magic mushrooms and weed gummies to help her through lockdown.

The mum-of-two admits she took hallucinogenic drugs to "numb the agony" of looking after her young children Art, five and Valentine, three, in lockdown at their LA home.

Dawn details her wild nights in with husband Chris O'Dowd in her new memoir, Life In Pieces

"I ate half an Indica gummy," she candidly admits.

“Halfway through dinner my arms, legs and head turned into lead and I wasn’t entirely sure how I was going to get across the room again.

“It wasn’t scary, but I wasn’t expecting it to be so strong.

“I went to bed because, as Chris said, ‘Don’t waste it’, and I lay down and was asleep in minutes.”

Dawn also explained she loved to drink with her Irish husband during the long and boring nights of lockdown.

“We got drunk every night and then watched Hamilton on mushrooms," she writes.

"I’m never looking to be off my head when I’m around my children, all I’m aiming for is a slight buzz to numb the agony of having to look after them."

Explaining how taking weed gummies affected her, Dawn wrote: “It goes to your mind, but it really works on your body. People take it to chill them out.”

Dawn had an intense experience of lockdown as she turned 41 in January and then lost her best friend Caroline Flack one month later when she tragically took her own life.

Dawn wrote down her feelings every day in a journal and is now releasing her new memoir as a book.

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