KNOWN as the King of Rock and Roll, you'd be hard to find anyone in the world who didn't know who was Elvis Presley was.

The global superstar sadly died aged 42 on August 16, 2022, leaving his family, friends and fans forever in mourning.

Did Elvis Presley have a twin brother?

Elvis Presley was born in a two-room house in a Tupelo, Mississippi, on January 8, 1935.

He was the only living child of his parents Gladys and Vernon as his identical twin brother Jesse died.

After his brother's death, Elvis  grew up in Tupelo before his family moved to his beloved Memphis in 1948.

In the early 1950s he went on to become Elvis, the King of Rock and Roll.

What happened to Jesse Presley?

Sadly Elvis' indentical twin brother died at birth.

Jesse Garon Presley (sometimes spelled Jessie) was stillborn 35 minutes before his mother Gladys delivered Elvis.

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He was buried the next day in an unmarked grave in Priceville Cemetery. 

Did Elvis have any other siblings?

Elvis was the only child of Vernon and Gladys Presley.

His parents met in the 1930s at church.

Gladys was 21 at the time, and was four years older than Vernon, as he was only 17.

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Because he was underage, they lied about their ages in order to get married in 1933.

Sadly on August 14, 1958, Gladys Presley died, aged just 46.

The cause of death was a heart attack, and it was later discovered that one of the contributing factors was liver failure due to alcohol poisoning.

After she died, Elvis said: “It broke my heart. She was always my best girl.”

At the funeral, the singer collapsed on the coffin and cried: ”Please don’t take my baby away! She’s not dead. She’s just sleeping.” 

When his mother's body went into the ground, he said: “Goodbye, darling. I love you so much.

"I lived my whole life just for you. Oh, God, everything I have is gone!”

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His close friends have said how he changed after Gladys’s death, and never really got over it.

Vernon died when he was 63-years-old due to a heart attack in June 1979 – just short of two years after his only son.

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