Did Gary Windass kill Rick Neelan in Coronation Street?

After an absence of seven years, the cruel Rick Neelan (Greg Wood) returned to wreak havoc on Weatherfield, and on the life of Gary Windass in particular.

The reason for his return was to collect the debt that Gary owed him in secret, and he left Gary in little doubt of the murderous depths to which he would be willing to plunge to make him suffer.

Then, with Rick out for revenge after Gary escaped his clutches and he ended up getting arrested, Rick tricked Gary into believing that he had kidnapped Sarah Platt (Tina O’Brien).

The villain told Gary that he would need to meet him in the woods if he ever wanted to see her alive again.

In the aftermath of this dramatic showdown, only one question is on our minds: Did Gary kill Rick in those woods?

Did Gary Windass kill Rick Neelan on Corrie?

Rick ended up sneaking up on Gary in the woods as Gary was looking down on the grave that Rick had dug for him.

The pair fought each other viciously, with Rick gaining the upper hand and throttling Gary with the shovel he’d dug the grave with.

Things went from bad to worse for Gary when the loan shark told him that, once he’d been dispatched, Sarah was next on his list.

The last we saw of the two, they were still duking it out, so we still don’t know exactly how the tense fight ended.

However, since there are pictures which show Gary alive, and evidently taking over Rick’s business, it’s fairly safe to assume that Gary emerges from the woods more or less in one piece.

Meanwhile the fate of Rick remains uncertain, with all signs initially pointing to Rick having gone abroad.

It won’t be long however until there’s reason to believe that isn’t true when the career criminal’s car turns up.

What with Gary having been responsible for the death of Rana Habeeb (Bhavna Limbachia), there’s no telling how far Gary could have fallen to protect the ones he loves from Rick.

But Rana’s death wasn’t intentional – Gary only sabotaged the factory roof that fell on her because he was desperate for work.

Could he really be capable of outright murder? That remains to be seen…

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