The Repair Shop: Woman emotional over ‘amazing’ repair

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The Repair Shop is a massive hit on BBC One, partly because of the heartwarming and moving stories from its visitors but also because of the experts and their handiwork. Among the original cast is Dominic Chinea whose job it is to deal with anything metal that’s brought into the barn. Here’s everything there is to know about The Repair Shop star.

WARNING: This article contains spoilers from The Repair Shop.

How tall is The Repair Shop star Dominic Chinea?

The Repair Shop expert Dominic Chinea is believed to be 5ft 10 in, which is the equivalent of 177.8 cm.

Dominic stands above many of his colleagues, including woodwork expert Will Kirk who is 5ft 9in, ceramics pro Kirsten Ramsay at 5ft 7in and art restorer Lucia Scalisi who is 5ft 5in.

He isn’t the tallest member of the BBC team though as presenter Jay Blades is a whopping 6ft 3in, which is 190.5cm.

While Dominic hasn’t discussed his height in public, Jay has previously opened up about his life prior to the hit show.

Jay told the Daily Telegraph in November 2020: “When you do something positive, what tends to happen is you get negativity coming at you.

“And when you get negativity, you have to stay positive in response.

“Listen, I’m a 6ft 3in black geezer from Hackney, I have had a lot negative stuff to deal with in my life. I mean a lot of stuff.”

Dominic, on the other hand, had to work his fingers to the bone in order to get the experience he needed.

His career journey started when he was working as a graphic designer, before going on to study at South East Essex College.

From this, Dominic went on to pursue life as a production designer at Rankin Studios, buildings props and backdrops for editorial sets and events.

On his website, he says: “My background is in both graphic design and car restoration, so set design combines my love of construction, problem-solving and design all at once.”

He went on to join the cast of The Repair Shop in 2017 when the show first launched.

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When he isn’t breathing new life into treasured items, he is working on various other repair projects.

One of which features on his website, entitled the “Porsche 356 Project”, is focused on a dilapidated Porsche he found in a barn in Pennsylvania.

He has posted videos of him restoring the classic car after it had been sitting in his workshop for more than a year.

Dominic will continue to update fans as he tries to make the car as good as new again.

Besides from his work, Dominic loves to spend time with his wife Maria.

They tied the knot in 2017 and have been living together ever since in their beautiful home in Kent.

From time to time, he shares posts about how they spend their days but Dominic mostly shares what he is getting up to at the iconic barn, as well as at his own workshop.

The Repair Shop is available to watch on BBC One and BBC iPlayer.

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