Downton Abbey: Will the series return after film? Will there be another film?

Downton Abbey the film will be coming to cinemas this autumn as the TV series graduates to the big screen. The ITV series became a global hit after launching in 2010, winning countless awards for both the cast and crew. Downton Abbey ran for six series before bowing out in 2015 transforming its cast into huge stars and becoming one of the most watched programmes on ITV in the UK and PBS in America.

The Downton Abbey film will be released in cinemas in September this year and continues on from the end of show.

This forthcoming film will be set between the years of 1927 and 1929 with the main cast reprising their roles.

Among them is Jim Carter, better known to audiences as stern butler Mr Carson, who teased about the forthcoming motion picture in an exclusive chat with


“Everyone knows Queen Mary comes to visit and the stresses and strains of a royal visit,” he said.

“It puts a lot of pressure on people but it brings Carson out of retirement which is good! Come on, Carson! Save the day!”

He added: “It’s all the same characters and the same foibles, the same interests, the same sort of hopes and desires as in the TV series. But on a bigger canvas.

“So, it’s the Downton that people love but on a slightly bigger scale which suits the big screen.”

On the filming process, he said: “This was kind of a shorthand version really because the film takes a shorter length of time.”

He revealed some of the kitchen staff didn’t even meet the members of the Grantham family. “I don’t think they really even got upstairs. They might have seen them across a crowded field of horses at one point. So we were all slightly in our own little storylines in the films.”

The Downton Abbey film will see Carter starring opposite his wife and actress Imelda Staunton who plays Lady Bagshaw, who is with the Crawleys around the same time as the royal visit. However, the couple had very little interaction during film and indeed onscreen.

“In fact, my real life-life wife Imelda is in the film but we only went to work three days together and never had any dialogue with each other in the film because she’s upstairs and I’m downstairs. She’s posh and I’m not allowed to talk to her,” he quipped.

Will there be another Downton Abbey film?

The Downton Abbey film will be released on September 13, 2019, in the UK and on September 20 in America.

Given the film isn’t even out as yet, it’s too premature to say whether we can expect a follow-up.

Carter explained he didn’t know at this stage whether there would be a second Downton Abbey film.

He joked: “But I’m at the bottom of the food chain when it comes to things like this! If the film makes a gazillion then people will be wanting to make others but one step at a time.”

Will Downton Abbey return for another series?

The show has such a strong and loyal fanbase that many are wondering if the show could be coming back to TV screens.

When asked if Downton could return for another TV series, Carter seemed more certain.

He explained: “I wouldn’t so. I think it’s quite tricky to get 20 cast members together for a film which is nine or 10 weeks filming. But to get us all back together for say six months, which it takes to do the TV series, I think that would be tricky.

“I think the series is done. People enjoyed it but to have a one-off film as a treat is what is it – a treat.”

Although the TV series may be done and dusted, Carter’s association to Downton continues. The actor is reprising his role as the by-the-book butler Carson for a special concert at Highclere Castle, the stately home which stands in for the now iconic abbey.

The concert will feature a live orchestra which will be performing some of the most famous pieces of music from the show.

Carter under the mantle of Carson will be talking the audience through some of the most iconic scenes as the score is performed.

The star already has the scripts and will be rehearsing with the audience closer to the time of the concert, which will be taking place on June 22.

He explained: “It’s been set up by Lord Grantham that Carson has been asked to reminisce about his past.

“We use that as a vehicle to go back through the TV series, playing music from all the different occasions showing montages of photographs and film clips of all the loves and lives and losses and tragedies and happinesses of the TV series. All linked together by me and the music, so I think it will be a good event.”

Tickets for Downton Abbey Live are available at

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