BEN Mitchell's marriage with Callum Highway has taken a serious hit during last night's trip to Walford.

EastEnders star Tony Clay has shared his character's agony over his husband kissing newcomer Lewis Butler.

After a strenuous week during which Ben (portrayed by Max Bowden) was confronted by Callum over his violent vigilante actions against homophobes, things are looking sour for the pair.

Refusing to take accountability for his attacks, Ben confided in Prince Albert manager and bartender Lewis (Cork actor Aidan O'Callaghan) but their conversation escalated in a drunken kiss.

Unfortunately for Ben, his police officer husband found him and witnessed everything.

Speaking to, actor Tony Clay revealed Ben and Lewis' kiss has caused considerable damage and will even affect his character's solidarity in upcoming scenes.

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"It’s just another thing for Callum, it makes him wonder if Ben is trying to destroy the relationship", the actor said.

"I think he wonders if Ben wants to be single, live freely and he thinks if you want that, you go ahead and have that – but I won’t be a part of it."

"In time, it’s potentially something Callum can move past but in that moment, he’s totally heartbroken, he doesn’t understand where Ben’s actions are coming from."

Tony added: "It’s sad, we’ve got some sad scenes coming up."

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BBC One viewers know too well that he's giving nod to a new storyline during which Ben is the victim of rape after another drunken night with Lewis.

This prompted Tony to speak about the upcoming distressing scenes: "You want to handle it with respect, you’re given a certain element of trust as well."

"That falls into the hands of Max and Aidan predominately but there’s also the directors, writers, etc."

"It’s a very delicate subject, one that needs to be told and needs to continue to be told."

"From the way it’s been handled and written, and the way the boys portray it from what I’ve seen is really beautiful."

EastEnders viewers have previously had complaints about the storyline as they believed it took too much inspiration from Coronation Street.

The ITV rival soap tackled male rape in 2018 through David Platt's character.

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What's in store for Ben and Callum – and is this really the end of their marriage?

EastEnders airs from Monday to Thursday on BBC One.

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