EastEnders' Danny Dyer reveals he needs surgery on testicle the size of "a f***ing jacket potato"

DANNY Dyer has revealed he needs surgery on his genitals because he has a testicle the size of “a f***ing jacket potato”.

The EastEnders actor, 43, said he has a type of swelling called a hydrocele and needs to have a procedure to reduce it.

He said: “I'm thinking about having a bit of laser (eye) surgery but the other thing I've got to get done is my b*****k. I've got a massive b*****k, it's called a hydrocele.

“Basically one of them is like a f***ing jacket potato. For real. It's one big ball.

“So I've got the biggest b*****k in the world and the smallest b*****k in the world.

“If it's a cold day then my winkle looks like a little slug lying on an apple. That's going to be the priority.”

He is expected to undergo a hydroelectomy to repair the hydrocele, which is a build-up of fluid around the testicle.

Danny, who married his long-term partner Joanne Mas in 2016, opened up about the strange swelling during a discussion with Rylan Clark-Neal on his Spotify podcast Sorted With The Dyers.

He also suggested he hopes to get medical help later in the year when the NHS is less strained.

The podcast, which he does with his daughter Dani, has had a successful 25-episode series which saw them offering advice to listeners.

The pair have opened up about their own stories too, with Danny telling last week about a DIY disaster he’d had when he was younger.

He recalled: "I once built a wardrobe and I built myself into it. I had to then smash my way out of the back.

"I don't know how I did it. I was very, very young. I built it the wrong way round and then I couldn't get out.

"So I just smashed through the pebble-dashed bit at the back."

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