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EastEnders fans have been left devastated after Keegan Baker decided to leave Albert Square as his estranged wife Tiffany Butcher returned to support him.

Keegan has been struggling to cope after it was revealed that Gray Atkins, his brother-in-law, murdered and abused his sister Chantelle Atkins .

Desperate to prevent Keegan from spiraling further out of control, Whitney Dean made a call for help, and tonight's instalment of the soap saw Tiff return to Walford.

Tiffany burst into the pub while Keegan and a host of other punters were being questioned by police over the torching of Keegan's van on yesterday's episode.

She shocked viewers by telling police that Keegan couldn't have committed arson as he was with her last night, providing an alibi for Keegan and deterring the coppers from pursuing charges.

Keegan was left stunned by her reappearance, after their marriage imploded last year thanks to his fling with Dotty Cotton.

Fans took to Twitter to react to her return as Keegan gets set to leave Albert Square.

"TIFFANY OMGGG SHE'S BACK!! she just saved Keegan's bacon #Eastenders."

A second gushed: "KEEGANS FACE WHEN HE SAW TIFF NO MY LOVES <\3 #EastEnders"

"i can’t believe im seeing tiffany right now. I don't want Keegan to leave :(" said a third.

Fans were also thrilled to see the pair finally discover that Liam ripped up a love letter she wrote to Keegan before their divorce.

Keegan then shocked viewers by telling his mum that he was leaving with Tiffany to move to Germany with her.

"Omg yes they finally figured it out !!!" said one viewer. Another echoed: "Finally!!! KEEGAN KNOWS ABOUT TIFFANY’S LETTER! They both know that Liam messed with them!!!! Thank you!! #TiffanyandKeegan are back together!! #EastEnders"

Recent episodes saw him lash out at residents and his mum Karen Taylor (Lorraine Stanley) as he continued to spiral, getting drunk before setting fire to the van that Gray bought for him.

Actor Zack Morris produced some of his most powerful scenes as Keegan this week as he told his young niece and nephew Mack and Mia the truth about their mum’s ordeal.

Fans also saw him filled with self-hatred as he later considered just how much trust he put in Gray.

Joining the show back in 2017, Keegan has been involved in several prominent storylines including knife crime, bullying and teen marriage.

EastEnders airs Monday to Thursday on BBC One at 7.30pm

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