EastEnders aired a shocking twist in Whitney Dean’s (Shona McGarty) terrifying stalker ordeal at the hands of evil Leo King (Tom Wells) as Whitney killed Leo in a violent showdown.

Leo is the son of Bianca Butcher’s (Patsy Palmer) ex-boyfriend Tony (Chris Cognhill) who groomed Whitney when she was a teenager. He has been stalking Whitney for months with the twisted idea that his dad was innocent of his crimes. As a result, Whitney has been terrified and unable to leave the house with the stress causing her hair to fall out.

He recently camped out in the attic of her home, watching her every move through a hole in the floor. Leo previously came close to attacking Whitney as he approached her bedroom with a knife, but he was scared off when Sonia Fowler (Natalie Cassidy) returned home.

Then he stepped his campaign of terror up a gear by ransacking her home trying to find the letter she received from Tony prior to his death. He eventually found it, but Whitney was left scared once again at the state he had left her home in.

And things have now come to a head as the troubled barmaid has killed her stalker in a fight for her life.

Leo left the attic once more and cornered Whitney in her bedroom, ranting that he wanted to get ‘justice’ for his dad. But things turned physical as she tried to defend herself.

In their violent clash Leo attempted to murder Whitney, but in the struggle that followed she managed to get hold of the knife and he fell onto it, dying of his injury.

It was a hugely shocking moment that left fans reeling.

It’s not even EastEnders’ 35th anniversary week yet, but if this what they have to offer now, we should brace ourselves for a truly explosive week.

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