Hot on the heels of winning last year's Strictly Come Dancing, actress Maisie Smith is leaving EastEnders and is reportedly going to be in the next series of Celebrity SAS: Who Dares Wins.

The last drama-packed weeks for her character Tiffany begin with her spotting Keegan (played by Zack Morris) on a date at The Vic with Anna, which gets even more awkward when she cottons on that Keegan is still not over Tiff and leaves.

But Keegan gets some advice from Mick (Danny Dyer), and surprises hopeful Tiff with the announcing that he wants a divorce.

Things between them get even worse when Aaron (Charlie Wernham) reacts negatively to the mosque fundraiser, and Tiffany unwittingly supports his inflammatory views, ranting about the woke brigade cancelling the school nativity.

This leads to serious repercussions for one of the residents. And after these events, Tiff realises her marriage is truly over.

But can we still hope she ends up leaving with Keegan?

Also this week, Sharon (Letitia Dean) can’t contain her excitement about the future with baby Alyssa and eyes up Ruby’s house. While Zack (James Farrar) is worried she’s getting ahead of herself.

Jean (Gillian Wright) and Harvey (Ross Boatman) are going on a date but Aaron scuppers it by slipping some vodka into his dad’s beer – and he’s drunk by the time Jean arrives.

Eve makes trouble for Ash (Gurlaine Kaur Garcha) when she gets her to prescribe her strong painkillers but Ash is smitten by the ex-con.

Eve is played by former Waterloo Road actress Heather Peace – who has also had roles in Coronation Street and Emmerdale – and is already causing a lot of trouble on the Square.

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Kim is busy trying to raise money to send Pearl to private school but turns down Denise’s offer as she doesn’t want to touch Phil’s cash. Kim meets up with Howie and learns Phil warned him not to talk to the police.

And during a photoshoot for the gym, Stuart spots something that worries him and runs out in alarm.

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