EastEnders spoilers: Phil Mitchell rages as he confronts Kat Slater after remembering the attack

PHIL MITCHELL will rage next week on EastEnders when he begins to remember who attacked him.

The Walford hardman – who is played by actor Steve McFadden in the BBC soap – has been confused about what happened to him with son Ben pouring poison about Keanu Taylor into his ear.

But with him now on the mend, and Keanu on the run, Phil begins piecing bits of the attack together.

Unfortunately for Kat Slater, that leads Phil directly to her door when he remembers having rowed with her.

Kat looks terrified as Phil puts on his best angry face and questions her about what happened.

But will she be able to keep up the charade or will he threaten her son Tommy again forcing her to finish the job Stacey started?

The scenes will air a week on Monday.

It comes after viewers were shocked when Phil's daughter Louise decided to go on the run with Keanu to escape the police's questions about the attack.

After some deliberation pregnant Louise decides to go with him – leaving those watching at home concerned about their future.

Taking to Twitter to comment on it, one person wrote: "As if Louise would just leave her dad who is in hospital to run away with the number one suspect in his attack? #EastEnders"

A second added: "Sorry but Louise would last 30 minutes on the run before she does Keanus head in. #EastEnders"

While a third wrote: "Oh come on, why would Louise run away with Keanu when her dad’s just come out of a coma? #EastEnders"

Last week Phil (Steve McFadden) was hit over the head with a wrench by Stacey – and Ben is trying to frame Keanu after learning he had been written out of his dad’s will.

He then covered up the crime as Stacey escaped, pretending to be visiting Sean with husband Martin and their kids.

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