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Emmerdale fans believe Amy Wyatt is in great danger as twisted Meena Jutla may end up murdering her next.

Meena and Amy couldn't see eye to eye when it was discovered that Meena's ex-partner David Metcalfe had chosen to partner up with Victoria Sugden.

Amy, who is friends with Victoria is evidently happy at the new blossoming romance and has certainly rubbed Meena's nose in it.

But Emmerdale viewers believe that Amy may have taken her sharp jabs a bit too far and warned her to be careful of the serial murderer.

Taking to Twitter fans shared their thoughts.

One spectator said: "Careful Amy you will end up on the kill list."

Another penned: "Amy's going to die!!!!!"

A third chimed: "I'd keep your distance from Meena if I were you Amy Mind you they both have something in common as they've both murdered people."

"Amy playing with fire," a fourth added.

Later on in the programme, after finding out that Victoria and David had taken a family trip to Portugal, her frustrations started to grow.

To make herself feel better, Meena broke into Victoria and Amy's home once again and smashed the place.

Throwing all of their belongings to the floor, Meena turned the house on its head.

Not long after, Amy returns home and is disgusted to find all the belongings trashed.

However, Meena is still in the house hiding and picked up a large ornament to use on Amy if she was to discover her.

Taking to Twitter once again, fans shared their thoughts.

"Surely Amy will realise it was Meena after what was just said. No, that would be too easy, and not be able to drag it out." One person wrote.

Another chimed in and questioned: "Meena love, why do you want get back with somebody who clearly doesn't love or care for you??"

A third also penned: "How many times will Meena break into a house and hide behind a flimsy wall when someone walks in AND NOT get discovered FFS."

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