It’s set to be another jam-packed week in the Dales, as Emmerdale spoilers have promised things are about to get even more tense for the villagers.

Things have been hotting up between Gabby and Kim, with many viewers suspecting she could be the one behind the sick poison plot which has seen Kim’s health deteriorate.

Meanwhile, Liv and Vinny are going through a rocky patch in their relationship after Liv admitted she left his villain father Paul in the barn to die after the crash in order to save her own life.

Liv has lapsed back into her previous alcoholic state.

And elsewhere, Ethan has been coming to terms with his own struggles as he searches for his mum who disappeared when he was younger, and has been unwittingly caught up in a cruel plot by Meena.

Liv hits rock bottom

Liv Flaherty (Isobel Steele) is left at rock bottom, consumed by guilt over Paul Ashdale’s (Reece Dinsdale) death and unable to stop drinking.

Brother Aaron Dingle (Danny Miller) pleads with her to talk to Vinny (Bradley Johnson) but she refuses, while Vinny is left struggling with Liv’s admission at home.

Liv had previously hid the fact that she left Paul to die as she escaped the exploding barn.

But with no booze in the house, Liv heads to the pub, where she hooks up with sleazy stranger Max who she takes home to the Mill. But once they arrive, she’s clearly uncomfortable with the lad’s antics.

Aaron eventually steps in, but his intervention only makes her angry and she tells him to leave, and is left at the Mill drunk, alone and in despair.

The next morning, the youngster comes downstairs to the wreckage of the night before, and suddenly experiences a tonic seizure.

Meanwhile, Aaron has been forced to spend the night at Chas (Lucy Pargeter) and Paddy’s (Dominic Brunt), and is planning to give his sister some space until Paddy gives him the sage advice never to give up on her.

Chas decides to step up to the plate to make things easier for her son, and Liv is left shocked when Chas arrives, locks the door behind her and grabs Liv’s phone to put her under house arrest until she sobers up.

Will Chas be able to get through to the youngster or will she only end up making things worse?

Kim fears she has dementia

It’s been tough for Kim Tate (Claire King) as she has been fretting about a potential dementia diagnosis – not knowing she is actually being poisoned.

Next week, a pregnant Gabby (Rosie Bentham) is seen sporting some fresh designer clothes as she accesses the company accounts on her laptop.

But an increasingly suspicious Jamie Tate (Alexander Lincoln) tells Noah (Jack Downham) to grab the laptop from her in the hopes of securing evidence against her.

Kim, meanwhile, hunts for her missing notebook, but shortly after Gabby tentatively presents the book to her and a woozy Kim heads back to bed. Gabby is alarmed after she discovers Noah had been watching their conversation.

Noah heads off to report his findings to Jamie, and informs him about the secret notebook.

Kim gives some very specific instructions about how to deal with a client, keeping her eye on an oblivious Gabby. But the youngster soon finds out she’s been rumbled and attempts to wiggle her way out of it by trying to convince Kim that her fuzzy memory is to blame for the confusion.

Gabby pours her a medicinal brandy and promises to keep her confusion a secret, pleased to have gotten away with it.

At least, until she sees Noah lurking in the shadows again.

Kim decides to make the difficult phone call to her doctor to book a proper dementia test, and Gabby spots the appointment in her notebook the following day, urging Kim to keep it a secret from Jamie.

Later that night, a shadowy figure wearing gloves spikes Kim’s brandy decanter with Diazepam once more, just before Kim pours herself another glass…

Soon, the day of her dementia test arrives, and Kim is terrified as she heads off to it alone.

But Jamie finds out, and is appalled that Gabby was told about Kim’s fears before he was. Soon, Gabby is outed for her meddling – but how will Kim react?

Dawn and Jamie, meanwhile, are growing weary of hiding their burgeoning relationship from the other villagers.

Ethan mum heartache

Ethan (Emile John) catches up with his dad to inform him that he’s decided to put the search for his mum behind him and start living life to the fullest.

He’s been suffering wondering after her whereabouts after being catfished by a cruel Meena (Paige Sandhu) after she passed the number of her own burner phone to her sister Manpreet.

Meena's meddling has resulted in a fair amount of heartache for Ethan, after his dad was surprisingly cagey about his mum's location.

It has led some fans to theorise that the vicar might even have murdered her.

Vic soon persuades him to look for love on dating apps.

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