In emotional upcoming scenes in Emmerdale Charity collapses in pain and is rushed to hospital, where she discovers her pregnancy isn’t viable and she’s going to lose her baby. Lawrence Robb, who plays Charity’s partner Mackenzie, has been talking to us about how his character reacts to the news, and how his reaction differs from Charity’s.

‘It’s so so sad,’ he says, describing the scene where Mackenzie asks to hear the baby’s heartbeat. ‘If it were me in the same position, I don’t think that I would make that request as I believe it would make the next part of the process so much more difficult. However, it’s Mackenzie that requests this. I don’t think that Charity was very keen on this happening, but she shows strength by agreeing to let that happen because she sees that it’s something that Mackenzie needs.’

It’s not Charity’s first pregnancy, of course, and she is quicker to grasp the reality of the situation when the doctor explains the pregnancy isn’t viable. ‘Mackenzie doesn’t understand initially,’ Lawrence says. ‘I think that his naivety of the subject and the denial of what’s happening combined mean that Charity needs to boil it down for him – which in turn is probably one of the reasons he asks to hear the heartbeat.’

Lawrence is careful not to make any judgements about whether Mack or Charity copes the best in the situation. ‘Because I have never had to deal with what happens to the characters, I can’t say whether one has dealt with something better than the other,’ he insists.

‘Both the characters deal with the trauma in different ways, and because I haven’t experienced what they are going through there is absolutely no way that I could, with good conscience, say that either character has dealt with the nuances of the issue better than the other. They both deal with it very differently, and in many cases not in the way you would expect.’

Crucially, while Mackenzie wants to talk about what’s happened, Charity tries to cope by pushing it to the back of her mind and getting on with life. Lawrence says that this is the hardest part for Mack to deal with. ‘He knows that its been extremely difficult for them both to move past it, because he wants to talk about it and she doesn’t,’ he says. ‘So there may be resentment there, but I think it’s more confusion and hurt that she doesn’t seem to want to talk about it.’

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