Emmerdale: Who is poisoning Kim Tate?

EMMERDALE confirmed Kim Tate is being poisoned by a mystery culprit after a gloved hand was seen tipping a poison into her brandy.

The Queen of Home Farm – who is played by Claire King in the ITV soap – is unaware of the real reason behind her symptoms which include memory loss and dizzy spells and is convinced she’s suffering from dementia. Who's the culprit?

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Dawn Taylor 

First up is Dawn Taylor, who’s in the middle of a feud with Kim after the businesswoman tried to spike her drink in the middle of the Woolpack to sabotage her meeting with her son’s social worker – and scare her into breaking up with Jamie.

After Dawn spent the night with Jamie at Home Farm in recent scenes, she was seen fiddling with Kim’s booze decanter. 

Fans are convinced that Dawn is probably too obvious, and that she'll most likely be framed by the real perpetrator.

One fan tweeted: "Well I said Will from the start. But seeing as the last time was in the middle of the night, I’m not so sure. Gabby seems to obvious. If it is she’ll worm her way out of it. Probably blame Noah or Dawn!"

Another added: "It's Will that's poisoning Kim. He's trying to take Jamie's attention off Dawn & on to Kim. He hates Dawn seeing Jamie & possibly wants to set her up as the poisoner."

Will Taylor

Will is also in the frame for Kim's poisoning after the Queen of Home Farm caught him snooping around and tampering with her drinks trolley this week.

When Will pretended he was looking for a pen, Kim didn't seem convinced.

Kim then admitted she’d had a stressful week, and Will said it sounded like she’d earned herself a brandy. 

Will’s suspicious behaviour didn’t go unnoticed by fans, who think he might be the person poisoning Kim as revenge for her spiking his daughter's drink.

One fan tweeted: "Will as revenge for Kim spiking his daughters drink!"

Another added: "Will or Dawn as payback for Kim spiking Dawn (and failing) before her meeting to get Lucas back….I'm guessing"

Gabby Thomas

Gabby, who wants to take control of the Tate empire for her unborn baby, is another suspect.

The sneaky teenager was recently revealed to be using Kim’s online banking logins to steal from her business accounts.

When Kim confronted her, Gabby lied through her teeth and convinced Kim there was something wrong with her memory.

It led to Kim calling her doctor and asking for a dementia test, which Gabby then encouraged her to keep quiet.

Fans are convinced that the drinks Gabby has been offering Kim are laced with poison.

One said: "Gabby pouring Kim her poison  juice. Why would Gabby feed Kim Brandy just randomly like that? It's definitely Gabby #Emmerdale."

Another added: "Ginger tea with a drop of poison coming up from gabby #Emmerdale."

Jamie Tate

Viewers know that Kim's son Jamie has been cut out of the family business after he betrayed her with his own schemes and relationship with Dawn, which Kim has always disapproved of.

Jamie recently hired Noah to dish the dirt on Gabby after growing suspicious of her antics at Home Farm.

But might Jamie preparing to frame Gabby as he poisons Kim himself?

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