Since its 1956 debut, Eurovision has delighted audiences across Europe and around the world. And homes around the UK – and indeed Europe – will likely be marking the fun event with a Eurovision party of their own. So if you have friends or family coming round tonight, you can take part in the night’s drama by playing along at home with’s Eurovision sweepstake kit. Whether you play for money or just for fun, this sweepstake game is a surefire way to liven up your Eurovision party.

The first semi-final of Eurovision 2019 began on Tuesday in Tel Aviv, Israel.

A grand total of thirty-five countries battled it out over the two Eurovision semi-finals on Tuesday and Thursday.

Those that made the grade will join the so-called “big five” (the countries with the biggest Eurovision chequebooks) as well as hosts Israel for Saturday’s grand final.

The viewers’ votes make up 50 percent of the final result, while the other half of the vote is decided by a national jury in each participating country.

After all songs have been performed, people have 15 minutes to vote for their favourite act, which can be done via telephone or SMS (numbers will appear on-screen) or through the official Eurovision Song Contest app.

Netherlands has been tipped to be the most likely country to win this year’s contest with Duncan Laurence’s song Arcade.

And an algorithm has already predicted the outcome of the 2019 Eurovision final.

Research conducted by Dance Direct, predicts the UK’s entry Michael Rice will finish in 17th place with his rendition of Bigger Than Us.

Dance Direct analysed data from 2012 to determine what makes a Eurovision performance more likely to succeed.

As well as predicting the UK’s and Netherlands’ position, the Eurovision algorithm has Italy in second place followed by Sweden and Hungary.

Men are more likely than women to win Eurovision and solo artists tend to place better than groups.

When it comes to countries giving points to the UK, Ireland, Australia and Malta are our biggest fans but the UK gives most of our points to Sweden and Bulgaria.

How to download your Eurovision 2019 sweepstake kit:

Sweepstakes are a fun way to get behind a country and root for them to do well without having to invest precious free time on researching the Eurovision acts.

The rules of sweepstakes are pretty easy. Cut-out the sweepstakes sheet has prepared, and fold the pieces up so you can’t see the countries.

Your guests then draw Eurovision countries from a party hat until all the countries have been selected.

These then become your chosen countries to support for Saturday night’s Eurovision grand final.

Traditionally, players put a mutually agreed amount of money in the kitty before the countries are picked.

Whoever chooses the country that wins then wins the money.

If you do not wish to gamble, you could consider a prize for the person who picks the winning country, and a forfeit for the person who picks the country with the fewest points.


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