THE only way is up for Chloe Meadows and Courtney Green after revealing their fresh start since leaving Towie.

The best friends have launched a new podcast, Who Wants To Adult Anyway?, as they discuss the challenges of being a grown up.

It follows their surprise axe from the ITVBe show in the summer as bosses downsized the cast.

In their first podcast episode called Thirty, Flirty and Thriving or Scared and Terrified, Chloe opens up about breaking down in tears over hitting 30.

"I was scared to talk about it," she admits in an exclusive interview with The Sun.

"I thought people would be like, 'Oh my god, shut up, why were you crying before you turn 30?'"

In the podcast she tells 26-year-old Courtney: "Six months ago if anyone would talk to me about being 30, I couldn't talk about it.

"I was really emotional about it. It was really getting to me, it was getting me down. 

"You're leaving your 20s. I had this big thing in my head that I wouldn't be cool anymore, I'm old."

Who Wants To Adult Anyway? launched last week, with up to 15 episodes expected in the first series.

It'll feature special celebrity guests, restaurant reviews and the girls trying food from around the world.

Fans are also encouraged to send in their adulting dilemmas for the duo to discuss.

Reflecting on the podcast launch, Chloe said: "This is different to what we are used to, so it took a minute.

"As the episodes go on we relax more and more into it.

"But I really enjoyed it. Maybe I like the sound of my own voice…"

In their new series, Chloe and Courtney aim to help give advice and guidance to their fans on the classic grown up problems everyone deals with day to day.

It's like when we joined Towie and we had to get an accountant and put money aside to pay our tax bill. No one tells you you need to do that

Chloe added: "It all started when we were having a normal conversation about how we're always just winging it.

"We didn't get taught anything in school about mortgages or taxes or those kinds of things you need to know as an adult."

"It's like when we joined Towie and we had to get an accountant and put money aside to pay our tax bill. No one tells you you need to do that," said Courtney.

"We wanted it to be educational but also funny and entertaining too.

"We are best friends, but we're also at different stages of life so we feel like we can relate to a lot of people."

Chloe and Courtney were among the biggest casualties of Towie's shake-up in July when ten members of the cast were let go.

They were reportedly "gutted" over the shock decision at the time.

Asked about their time on the show, Chloe said: "We're really happy to have the podcast and that's the the focus right now.

"We're not thinking about Towie or anything like that, we're just trying to move forward with the podcast.

"We're still in contact with Towie, so never say never [about returning]."

Courtney added: "Never say never because our friends are still on it, but we're excited about our new journey now."

  • Who Wants To Adult Anyway? is available to download now.

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