Simon McCoy jokes with GB News reporter about Manchester

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After a poor start to GB News, with technical difficulties, low viewership, and accusations of hateful content, Mr Neil decided it was time to take a two month leave. It has now been reported Mr Neil is contemplating stepping back from his prime-time political show permanently.


But Mr Neil should not quit according to 72 percent of voters who took part in a poll of 4,158 people held from 1pm September 4 to 1pm September 9.

One fan commended Mr Neil for “not being afraid to say what a lot of us are thinking” whilst another described him as “the best news hound of his generation”.

Another voter said: “I hope Andrew decides to stay, otherwise he will be sourly missed. GB News is here to stay, I only watch GB News, the other news channels are not up to scratch.”

Though most people would like Mr Neil to return to GB News, 61 percent of voters say that the channel will survive if he quits.

One GB News viewer said: “It’s survived several months now without him. However, it would be the icing on the cake if he came back, as he was pivotal to its inception.

“But the others are holding the fort brilliantly and it’s so enjoyable to see intelligent, informative, broad-minded, open debate at last – with diverse opinions being expressed.”

Another fan of the show commented: “GB News is a breath of fresh air, whether Andrew Neil stays or goes is not important to me.

“Superb contributors like Coli Brazier, Andrew Doyle, Alex Philips and Neil Oliver really stand out.”

Since Nigel Farage was introduced as the new face of GB News on July 19, viewer ratings have skyrocketed, saving the show from sinking.

Mr Farage said: “The need for this channel is absolutely enormous.

“Mainstream broadcast media in this country all virtually agree on everything.

“They ignore stories that should be talked about, and frankly they’re propaganda machines for a centre-left agenda.

“They support diversity of everything, except for opinion.”

A large 77 percent of voters said they have continued to watch GB News despite Mr Neil’s absence, but a significant chunk of voters, 23 percent, said they stopped.

One Express reader remarked: “I stopped bothering when Neil bogged off for a long holiday.

“In any case he was hardly evident when he was supposed to be, and the whole thing was more like a daytime entertainment program.”

A voter said: “Not watching it now. It’s just the same old same old rants from failed politicians and journalists with inflated egos.”

When asked if viewers are planning on continuing to remain loyal to GB News if Mr Neil never returns, 15 percent of voters said they will stop watching even though they have been viewing the show recently.

One viewer commented: “Neil and Farage are the backbone of GB News. If they go, the show is likely to crumble.”

Another said: “I watch occasionally, and will continue to do so, as long as it remains anti woke.”

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