GEORDIE Shore fans couldn't believe how good Chloe Ferry's ice skating skills were on tonight's episode.

The reality star took centre stage as she performed a routine for her co-stars in Tignes, France.

Sophie Kasaei was seriously impressed, telling the cameras: "I've never seen something so beautiful in all my life. I didn't realise Chloe was this good."

Marnie Simpson said: "I can't get over how amazing Chloe is. She's gone from being a caterpillar to a beautiful butterfly. How does she do it?"

While Abbie added: "How can some one be that clumsy in real life but like that on the ice?"

And she wasn't the only one, with Twitter awash with comments about the performance.

One wrote: "@Chloe is an #Awesome #Skater #GeordieShore

Another posted: "Haha, can't wait to see everyone's face when @chloe_gshore skates because she's amazing. #GeordieShore"

As a third said: "Chloe from geordie shore can actually ice skate 😳😳"

One stunned fan shared: "F**king helllll chloe can ice skate #geordieshore who would have thought it 😂"

There were even calls for Chloe to sign up to Dancing on Ice when it returns.

"Chloe for the #DancingOnIce revival?! #GeordieShore," wrote an enthusiastic viewer.

While Chloe continued to display her skills on ice, the lads flung themselves off a ski bungee jump, with new boy Sam pulling off a perfect double backflip.

Marty was absent from the final day on the slopes, still reeling from the night before.

He was sick as soon as he left the car and returned back to the chalet.

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