George Knight (Colin Salmon) and his two daughters are set to cause chaos in EastEnders as they arrive in Albert Square fresh from Marbella.

Though George is a hit with some of the locals, many take an instant dislike to Anna and Gina (Molly Rainford and Francesca Henry), who are eager to get the party started, unaware that a tragedy has unfolded on the Square.

Linda Carter (Kellie Bright) also takes a disliking to the family, feeling as though her home as been invaded by strangers.

When George introduces himself as Elaine Peacock’s (Harriet Thorpe) fella and explains that he has come from Marbella to help run the Queen Vic, Linda is horrified.

She continues to struggle with her new house guests, especially as love-struck Elaine and George make themselves at home.

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Things only get worse for Linda when she overhears George on the phone and realises that he hasn’t sold his own bar in Marbella.

It dawns on her that he has no money to support the Vic accounts, and furiously orders him and his daughters out of the pub.

However, his next move stuns everyone, as he gets down on one knee in front of the punters and proposes to Elaine!

With Elaine unsure of whether or not to accept, Linda urges her to call the relationship off, concerned that George is no more than a gold digger who is after her money.

After consulting new friend Phil Mitchell (Steve McFadden), George takes his advice of fighting for what he wants, and sits down with Elaine for a discussion about the future.

Will they stay together or go their separate ways?

Meanwhile, still determined to get George and the rest of the Knight clan out of her life for good, Linda makes a discovery about George’s Marbella bar.

Believing what she has found to be game-changing information, Linda confronts him.

Has she backed him into a corner? And just what is he hiding?

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