Good Morning Britain host Richard Madeley failed the 'flamingo test', which is a way of gauging life longevity, on Wednesday's show.

In the latest episode of the ITV breakfast show, hosts Richard and Ranvir Singh were joined by Doctor Hilary Jones.

Whilst discussing the latest health news attention was quickly drawn to the 'flamingo test' which as Ranvir stated was "on the front of the papers".

And as expected it wasn't long before Richard was invited by Dr Hillary to take on the test.

Researchers have suggested that the 'flamingo test' is incorporated into mid-life health checks and could be a way to gauge longevity.

The study found that people over 50 who are unable to stand on one leg for 10 seconds are at double the risk of dying in the next decade.

The global study team, including experts from Bristol Medical School, tracked 1,702 participants, aged 51 to 75, from Brazil between 2009 and 2020.

To undertake the test successfully the participant is asked to lift one foot to the back of the opposite lower leg, keeping their arms by their sides and their gaze fixed straight ahead.

Dr Hilary explained: "Researchers have found that if you can pass this test, your risk of dying in the next seven years is much lower.

"If you can't pass this test, it's 84 per cent higher of death in the next seven years," he added, before asking Richard to stand up and give it a go.

At his first attempt Richard passed with flying colours as he easily managed to stand rigid with one foot off the ground.

However, when he was asked to redo the test with his eyes closed he could barely stand still for longer than a second. Although not mandatory for the test he was informed it would make it a lot harder to stand still.

Some GMB viewers were not happy at all with Dr Hilary's appearance and took to Twitter to comment.

One person fumed: "Oh f**k off Hilary, I've got MS & couldn't possibly do the flamingo test !! Stop scaring people GPs will now be inundated with folk thinking they're gonna die !! #GMB."

Another person tweeted: "Here we go, Dr Doom is in the building. #GMB," while a third claimed: "Dr Death is back to scaremongering on @GMB #COVID #gmb."

Someone else added: "Dr Death is on now to cheer everyone up in these desperate times," while another joked: "From standing like a flamingo to covid news. Hilary's back. #GMB."

One concerned viewer said: "I fell after 3 seconds, how do I improve it? I already have high anxiety and now think I'm going to die soon… I'm 43."


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