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    Gogglebox's Siddiqui family had fans scratching their heads after the patriarch of the family was missing from the show.

    Hailing from Derbyshire, the fan favourites, consisting of Sid, Baasit, Raza and Umar are a regular fixture on the Channel 4 series. But father Sid was noticeably absent from Friday’s episode (November 10) and no explanation was provided to viewers at home.

    "Where's daddy Siddiqui on #Gogglebox?" one fan asked on X. Another penned: "Missing Sid Siddiqui this week but love seeing the bros together #Gogglebox,” while a third added: "Where is Mr Siddiqui???"

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    But they needn't worry, because it seems like his sons were quick to make light of his absence. They concocted an amusing theory behind his disappearance, suggesting nothing bad had happened to their dad.

    As the episode progressed, the three brothers were seen watching a scene from TV crime drama, Culprits, which follows some no-gooders commit a series of crimes and evade police. At one point, one of the brothers commented on dad Sid’s absence – joking that he was off being a secret gangster like the men on TV.

    Commenting on the show, they said: “Do you know anyone who has just like appeared out of nowhere near like yeah he’s got to be a gangster or an assassin. They’ve got a vibe innit?" One of the other brothers then jokes: “Where is dad anyway?” as they all start laughing.

    Fans at home rallied around the theory. “Now we know, Siddiqui snr is off on a secret mission,” joked one fan.

    Another agreed: “Where’s Sid??” with a video of the brothers haring their assassin theory. The family recently celebrated 10 years on the hit show.

    Retired patriarch Sid is popular on TikTok and dotes over his grandchildren. His sons Raza, Umar and Baasit split their time between family and work, with Raza working in hospitality management, while Umar is a microbiologist and Baasit an IT teacher.

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    Speaking of hitting this huge milestone, Sid said: “When it started, we didn’t think it would last even a year,” the former engineer, 78, told Radio Times magazine. “It’s crept up on us as well. We’ve been doing this for 10 years. You know, you have to tell yourself to wake up and say it is weird!”

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