Masterchef star Gregg Wallace, 57, lost a whopping 4.5st after he was warned of a potential heart attack by his doctor – but he says he never "dieted".

The star appeared on Good Morning Britain to discuss how he transformed his lifestyle and slimmed right down following the message from his GP which left him in shock.

He told Susanna Reid and Richard Bacon that he eats a lot healthier than he used to, but he doesn't restrict himself, instead he educated how to eat healthy foods.

Confessing that he didn't like "always feeling hungry", he said: "I personally don't like diets because I always felt hungry. What I do is eat three big healthy meals a day, meals that fill me up."

Gregg added: "I was overweight, I was eating all the wrong things, boozing a lot, getting bigger and bigger.

"My doctor said to me, 'let's do a blood test', and he told me that me cholesterol was through the roof – I think doctors get worried if you're over 5 and mine was 14. He told me if it didn't change I would get seriously ill."

Gregg was then informed that he was at risk of having a heart attack, so he decided to transform his life and after failing to diet, he instead educated himself on how to eat healthy food.

He warned viewers that the things which are likely to affect your health the most are takeaways, booze and snacking, adding: "I'm not encouraging anyone to stop it, but just control it.

"I still do it. I like a beer or a glass of wine – I put on half a stone over Christmas, but I know how to get rid of it. I'm not doing anything radical because it's January 1, I'm living a healthy lifestyle."

Susanna praised him for focusing on healthy meals, adding: "Too many people think diets are about restrictions, we do not want disordered eating, we want healthy eating."

He confessed that he's never focused on anything that will make him hungry as he said: "I've never done fasting, never cut out carbs, it's restrictive for me. If you do that you can't keep it up forever, it's not sustainable."

Gregg, who has lost a whopping 4.5 stone, has flogged his diet plan as he explained that he's been launching his own weight loss platform with recipes available online too.

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