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    The first half of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle 's Netflix documentary dropped on Thursday (December 8) and now the streaming service has released a first look at the final three episodes.

    The new trailer begins with a news reporter explaining how the couple were "stepping back from their Royal duties," before Meghan can be heard saying: "This is when a family and a family business are in direct conflict."

    Celebrity body language expert Inbaal Honigman spoke exclusively to Daily Star after analysing the bombshell trailer and believes the scenes suggest the married couple are now "at odds" with each other.

    She explained: "The trailer for the final 3 episodes sets a very different scene to the jovial first trailer. The images and video clips used, show Harry and Meghan at odds with each other.

    "We see them facing away from one another, or walking in different directions. We see Meghan and Harry approaching each other and not hugging, not holding hands.

    "For a couple as tactile as those two, this demonstrates that the themes discussed in the first three episodes are starting to get to them."

    The expert added: "The constant photographers' attention, the racial bias from commentators and the unkindness from Social Media are taking their toll, and the relationship starts to suffer."

    Inbaal went on to say that their gestures suggest they attempt to "block the outside world" before claiming they both feel "lonely."

    Analysing in further detail, Inbaal said: "In snippets of individual interviews shown, they each hold their hand to their face. 

    "Not only is this a protective gesture, each trying to block the outside world, but it is also a self-soothing gesture which comes from a sense of being alone."

    Inbaal concluded: "Each of them is feeling lonely and attacked."

    After Meghan emotionally states: "Suddenly what clicked in my head was 'it's never gonna stop', the trailer ends with Harry saying: "There was no other option at this point. And I said 'we need to get out of here'."

    The final three episodes of Harry & Meghan will be available next week on Netflix on Thursday, December 15.

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