Here's Everything We Know About 'Bridgerton' Season 2

Let’s be honest, season 1 of Bridgerton went by WAY too quickly. I know that it only just dropped on December 25, and it gave us eight amazing episodes of hot 19th century English romance but, like, I could have watched at least eight more of just Eloise investigating Lady Whistledown alone. So if you’re also anxiously waiting for a second season to drop, like, tomorrow, here’s every detail we know about Bridgerton season 2 to tide you over in the meantime. I guess Lady Whistledown isn’t the only one with the inside scoop here!

Has season 2 been confirmed yet?

Sadly, no. The show hasn’t officially been renewed yet by Netflix or Shondaland, but don’t worry too much because all signs are pointing to a new season. Way back in February, development of a second season of Bridgerton was reported to be scheduled for summer of 2020, but after the coronavirus hit, it threw things a little off track. But ProductionWeekly recently listed the second season of Bridgerton as being scheduled to start filming in Uxbridge, England in March 2021, so keep those fingers crossed, people!

Will the cast be the same?

Yes and no. Obviously the Bridgerton family would be the main focus of the season (the show is named after them, after all) so we can expect to see those familiar faces back on our screens. And we would almost definitely be getting some appearances from the quirky side characters like the Featheringtons. In fact, Nicola Coughlan, who plays Penelope Featherington, recently said in an interview with Radio Times that she’d love to come back for a second season.

And if the second season follows the second book of the Bridgerton series, we should be expecting a few new major characters, the most important of which are the sisters Kate and Edwina Sheffield who play a BIG part in this season’s love story. There’s been no castings announced for these roles as of yet, but you can leave it to Netflix to snag the perfect ladies for the parts.

So what exactly would season 2 be about?

As you probably remember, season 1 was all about Daphne and Simon’s steamy, hot, extremely complicated, friends-to-lovers love story. And as you also probably remember, Anthony, the oldest of the Bridgerton kids, spent most of last season being quite the ladies’ man. Well, he’s now 29 years old and has finally decided he needs to pick a wife and have an heir. So, if the story follows the books, the second season going to be all about his love story. “With who?” you may ask. Read on below for spoilers.

Are there any spoilers yet?

Kind of! All you’ve really got to do is read the book, The Viscount Who Loved Me, and you’ll have a pretty good idea on how things are going to end for dear old Anthony. But for anyone who’s not down to spend a few days reading through the entire book, here’s the gist of what happens. WARNING: spoilers ahead.

Like I said, the second book is all about Anthony Bridgerton’s love story, and let me tell you right now, it’s a juicy one. Basically, Anthony knows he needs to find his wife, but, fearing that he will die young like his dad did, he has zero intention of falling in love. So, he wants someone who’ll check all the boxes of being good wife, but not someone he’s gonna go head-over-heels for, ya know? Enter: Edwina Sheffield. She’s perfect, except for one small issue: her sister, Kate, really hates Anthony’s womanizing and vows to prevent her only sister from marrying him.

So, Anthony does what any 19th century Viscount would do and sets out to win Kate’s approval. He puts in the work and manages to turn Kate from an enemy into a friend. But Kate soon finds herself feeling all kinds of hot and bothered after their interactions (in a good way). And it turns out Anthony feels the same way about her, and after they share a very scandalous kiss, they’re forced to marry (sound familiar?) and end up in an unplanned marriage. There’s still plenty of tension and ups and downs, but Anthony ends up living much longer than he thought he would and they have four kids together.

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